Pictures of my first board

Here are some pictures of the first board I made. It rides fast, handles overhead surf, and even turns a little bit. Noserides a littel bit too. Even with the unsanded rails. Pretty cool feeling to ride a board I made.

!!!Thanks again Ambrose!!!

im sorry but did you put the fin on the wrong end? i mean whats with the square nose and round tail? looks like its pretty cool i guess but whats the deal with that shape?

I thought I would put the fin on tins end in the winter when the waves are bigger here in Hawaii, and then when it gets small in the summer I will take it off and put it on the other end. Ambrose told me thats how they used to do it back in the good old days.

I always wanted a square nose, now I have one. I like round tails, they ride good. This board kicks ass. The best board in the world.

 Howzit thomas, sorta like the Greek Pickle Model from the 60's. But I think it would have been easier to put a fin box at both ends instead of having to grind off the fin and replace it at the nose unless this is just a joke about swithing fin placement. Aloha, Kokua

Bithchen board, Thomas. I like the nose/tail. A bit safer if it drills yah. Very creative. Wish I had someone like Ambrose to school me. Mike

did you make the fin? if you did hows that work cause it looks cool same clolrs as the board and all…

all up rails …shades of john penetrator peck…no hard spots whew thomas took the ball and ran and is stoked…just as long as he shows up for his job they will pay him and then i can order the next roll o’ glassbefore i run out… willdog save money no box…no surplus funds in the thomas account…ambrose… you supervise/ glass the next one

Good job Thomas. And its very cool that you chose to build a board with a unique design instead of a copy of something you could buy off the rack. Board design doesn’t move forward by everyone making the same thing. Nice graphics too - did you do them yourself?


did i see you sanding that board on the side of the road at annini beach, kauai a week or so ago?? i was there with my family on vacaiton.

the paint job looks familiar.

just curious…and nice job on the board!



Cool board,dig the shovel nose…I didn’t see one of those at the local shop…nice job, have fun…peace and waves…

Coooool board Thomas…very original design…way to go man!

awesome, love the nose/tail

Yeah its kind of a joke about the fin. I might cruise out that way this evening and see whats going on, if you are going to be around. Ill give you a call this afternoon.

Yeah I made the fin. Woven roving and six ounce. Used some resin tint too. blue on inside and yellow on last four layers of six ounce.

Yeah I made it to work so they pay me tomorrow so I come down there with dollars for you. I call you this afternoon to make sure the Kauai Artist gig isnt going to delay my alleviation of debt for a day.

Yeah man, its funny somebody from here saw me doing that there. Thats where all the sanding got done, on the side of the road at annini. Three different days of hand sanding. I didnt have anywhere else to do it. Nice view too, what better place to make boards than the beach.

lammed the shrink’s board ysterday with a jack in the box on the deck…in drip smear color to de deliniated with penline… no kauai arts …keep wrkin’ don called this morn about a potential polihale run sunday?..

Howzit thomas, It's 2:20 now and I'll be here for the rest of the day, Aloha, Kokua
 Howzit Ambrose, We're talking an extra $ 10 for 2 boxes. Where do you think BASA goes when he needs materials, yep Fiberglass Haena, commonly known as Kokua Fiberglass. Aloha, Wildog