pig wide point and rocker

Looking to build me a pig shape this week and was wondering how far behind center i should put the wide point at? also how much tail rocker works well with these boards do they need alot of tail kick?. if any one has some measurements too that would be great.



Here is some good info from the archives;


I can give you some "rough"  guideline as follows:  Front forward rounds to a narrower nose at one foot back(as opposed to a wider tail at one foot up from tail).  Wide point is somewhere in the rear third at or about the rear foot.  Noteacble "hips" at that point little or minimal rocker throughout.  Measurements somewhere in the range of 17" OR 161/2" AT 1' back from the nose,  18''s or so at i' from the tail, 21 to 211/2" or 22' at the wide point.  If you refine this template to something along the lines of a Hansen 50/50 @23"'s you will have the same basic outline with a much more practical functionality.  Just make it wider and fuller.  Modernize the rail, kick the tail, concave the nose.   Wa! La!  An exact copy of a "Pig"  will be a dog.  Lowel






Everything you will ever want in regard to pig boards.platty.