I’ve been having a lot of fun lately building different versions of the ole double ender, fun board, or the pill as my boys call them. I’m interested in seeing different versions of this type of board, and hear what kind of rails, bottoms, fin set ups are preferred.

My first attempt was a 7’0" 17" N X 22" X 16" tail a little under 4" nose rocker and 2.75" in the tail… 50/50 rail in the center with pinched 50/50’s at the tail. I’ve had a blast spanking the lip with this thing on waist to chest days.

Im workin on a 5’1" 16 x 20 x16 at the moment that my boys are already falling in love with.



they look great, it almost looks like a over sized paipo. love the colors, btw ive been meaning to find out how to do that… any tips?cheers!


love em

id like to try that little one

Hansel: Look in the archives under resin swirl paying attention to Austins posts. Theres alot of good information from others as well… Mix up cololrs and have fun!!!

Silly: Any ideas for fin set up on the 5’ 1 “?? 3.5” nose rocker, 2.5" tail rocker. 50/50 rails…

Heres a down railed 7’6"…