pink foam in the uk

hi, does anyone know of any where that sells pink foam in the uk , i have googled it but no luck, thanks

or knauf insulation, or celotex all do extruded polystyrene.

Hey peteUK, Is the pink stuff not still xps… doesnt this have gassing issuses? Ive only ever used eps but would love to find a more usable foam, hate shaping eps…

us blanks is making colored foam… if that helps

hi, i am not sure what the pink foam is made out of but i had a tombstone board that had it inside and that was really light so i would like to give it a try,principally for its resistance to water ingress, pete

Blue foam = pink foam = XPS

Has gassing and bonding issues, but some have used it with success:;search_string=DIY;guest=15880437#344040;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread



The pink stuff is trouble…

Nothing sticks to it. It blows glass off.

Don’t go near it.


What I was told about extruded polystyrene is that the gas in the cells is highly pressurized (around 60 lbs, or 5 atmospheres), and that’s what gives the material its rigidity (think inflated tire vs a flat). So when the cell walls inevitably break down due to compression or shear, the gas is released, and, voila, you got some serious de-lam issues.

Some people actually use a spiked roller to create “pin-air”- to let the core breathe, but that seems like one step forward, two back.

The stuff is meant to be used as in insulating. The only advantage it has over beaded polystyrene, for surfboards, is that its closed-cells won’t take in water as easily.