pinline pens

Just finished shaping a couple of boards for some mates. Both want sprays, and pinlines. What are the best paint pens for this? Do they go directly onto the foam or onto the sanded hot coat? Never done any pinlines before so any advice and helpful tips would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

try the link below, it has good pinline info.

Thinning water based acrylic slightly and applying it with an artist’s brush may take a little extra time, but it works great, takes very little time to dry if you get it the right consisitency and man is it cheap. The color choice is endless and you don’t have to worry about pens drying up either. No Worries, Rich

Howzit Gill, Paint pen pin lines on the foam won’t come out solid, but on the sanded finish they are fine. If you want pin lines on the foam I’d spray them on with paint, they look really good. Another problem with pen pin lines on foam is the pen will indent the foam. Aloha, Kokua

Many thanks guys, I’ll go with the thinned acrylic as Halycon suggests. Take care.

kokua, I airbrushed a red board with a yellow lightning bolt on the deck, when i went to tape the pinlines off (for the lightning bolt), i noticed that the tape peeled off some of the yellow and red. I used the low tack blue tape. What can i do to prevent this peeling off in the future? I used acrylic paints. Thanks!

As for the pinlines, you basically have three options. The first option is to tape off the freshly shaped blank with some high quality 3M #2330 Surfboard Tape and spray your design with water-based airbrush paint. Tempera paint works best for this option and it is sprayed directly onto the blank. Your second option is to tape off your design and use a Posca pen directly on the blank. This method works fine, but as mentioned by Kokua, you can’t press to hard or you will leave creases in your blank. Finally, you can use Posca pens directly on top of your finished (glassed and sanded) surfboard. However, since it is water-based, you must spray a thin layer of clear-coat lacquer over your design. All the above items can be purchased at

Howzit Sylvia, Do you mean you put tape on the bolt for the pin lines and when you pulled it, it took some of the paint with it? If so, before you pulled the tape off for the bolt, you should spray with clear acrylic. Pull the tape and let the acrylic dry,next do pin line tape off and apply pin line. Now when it’s time to pull that tape, heat the tape with a hair dryer or heat gun as you pull the tape and it won’t affect the paint. One thing I do before I do any tape offs is I vacumn the area to be taped of, I use one of those round brush vacumn attachments form a home vac(they’re softe and won’t mar the blank)with my shop vac. I find that vacumning the blank is the best way to clean off any foam dust that you can’t blow off. This makes the tape stick really good to prevent blurred lines. Aloha, Kokua