Pinline Tape

Has anyone used pinline tape (the kind you get from auto supply stores) on top of a hotcoat before gloss coating? Wondering if it’s going to stick up too much along the rail…already checked the archives. Tired of the wobbles, Sandman

It’s kind of pricey, but I sometimes use 3M fine line tape. It comes in widths between 1/16" and 1". It is fairly ridged so you get really straight pinlines. Can still do moderate curves, and it works really well for cut straight corners. Sticks well so you don’t have to worry about bleeding if you burnish the edge down with your finger nail. The catch is it’s about $7.00 per roll. -Jay

Wait a min? your talking about using pineline tape for the actual pinline? It might work, but I’ve never done it that way? Seems the tape would eventually fail and delam from the hot coat coming off the board in little line chuncks.

I think Sandman meant he wants to leave the tape and gloss over it. Yes, I’ve seen it done once, and it showed. I don’t know if a 2nd gloss coat would have covered the high spots. The guy was in a hurry to get the board to water. One of those impatient back yard builders that wet sand the rails of their gloss coat in knee deep water at the beach. The truth…not very environmental, but a lot of us have been there.

P.S. The tape and gloss coat held up for thirty years under static (rarely surfed) conditions, because the board was more of a curiosity than a good rider. It spent most of those thirty years in my friend’s basement. But the tape should adhere well. I would think at least as well as water based paint that is used for pinlines on (well sanded and prepped) hot coats. Sandman, you might check into the cure time for the auto tape. For example those adhesive-backed EZ Plug leash attachments call for a 72 hour cure time.

Thanks for the info, guys. Resinhead, I am talking about leaving the tape on as the actual pinline. I like the one about wetsanding at the beach. Reminds me of the time I saw a guy wetsanding at the campground at Cardiff Reef…oh wait, that was me.

Nice, I’d just work at perfecting your resin or waterbased pins. It’s really not that hard, it’s all in the prep work.

3m fineline is great and the narrower widths can make corners also they make a green tape ,also fineline that we leave on sometimes a few weeks outside on complete yacht spray jobs.

hmm, yeah waterbased pinlines dont look as clean though, not as staright and uniform as the ones u see coming out of glass shops . even if u use a dryer behind it. lets say i wanted to try doing pinline with the “tape”, where can i buy this, fiberglass florida maybe?? and whats the process, where does the tape lay, under hot coat or what?? i guess i could check the archives, but we all know that can take centuries!!

This one time about 25+ years ago I was cutting a lap on an orange opaque deck. Back then not every board got a pinline. After surfing the board a few times, I noticed a sliver of 3M masking tape I missed. It was about 1/16" wide and almost a foot long. It looked kind of cool and never leaked but I sold the board to my friend who had it for a few years. I lost track of that board with the tape pinline; it’s probably in the landfill now… …and there’s probably a whole community of homes on top of the landfill… …I don’t miss that board, however.

I’ve got a very early Herbie Fletcher laying around… green glassed with red pinlines. I believe the pin lines are tape, because they are felt even under the hotcoat. Great board, too.

Hey Fluff, howzit, did you start on your board yet? ed

I used to use 3M 233 masking tape for every kind of pinline, but now I prefer it for only resin ones. I like 3M FINELINE for rapidiographs and posca pen pinlines better; it don’t bleed a bit. It’s not that expensive, at least where I’m buying it. The Surf Source sells a really cool automotive double-pinline tape, perfect for laying down 2 pins beside each other with paint pens. It takes some practice getting used to and turning longboard nose corners, but is worth checking out. How many fellow board builders out there wish 3M would have left their 233 alone instead of converting to that hard-to-unroll,smelly,& ugly-ass green 233 Plus? Bring back the 'ole faithful beige stuff! Also, has anyone ever bought any supplies from WEST MARINE? A roll of 1" 233plus that I pay about $3 for sells for like $11 or something! I was in there laughing in disbelief, especially at the 2" stuff: $18.99!

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yeah that’s it! Have Bill roth give you an account.The thing I like is It’s not too small and not too big–cya

hey ed, yes, i’ve finished my first board, and christened it at Ponce Inlet on Thanksgiving day. I’m on my second now, a 5’11" swallow tail and a bit of reverse vee for my next trip to FLA (although a longboard would work better, but that’s what the fletcher’s for) thanks for asking,

If you feel a bump on a pinline under the gloss it is more than likely a resin pinline.I have used the tape you speak of as a spacer between normal tape before painting a resin pin.Lay down your first side nice and straight…then lay down the blue tape…next lay down the normal tape butting the blue tape…last pull the blue tape and you have a perfect gap to lay down the pinline.Works good for the fat ones. R.B.

i am putting pinlines on a board w/o glossing over. if the finish is glossy, will i have a problem with adhesion or bleeding??