Pivot Fin Reviews - Nose ridin Swaylockians

Hello, Summer is here!

I want to know what is your favorite pivot fin (model and size) for a Nuuhiwa style noseride. Mine is 9’10" x 19" x 23 1/2" x 16 1/4" x 3 1/4" deep nose concave, belly, kick tail, 50/50 rails, heavy glass, the works.

Of what I have seen, I like the True Ames Heritage and The RFC Dano Old Pleasure.

The Pivot Grande looks interesting but I think it may be too big. The Wayne Rich 3, although not a pivot fin, also looks interesting.

I haven’t tried any of the fins above mentioned but want to buy a new one to try this summer just for the fun of it. Board will be surfed in knee to waist peeling long 1 direction reef waves (similar to point break waves) (shoulder high if we get lucky -it’s flat right now). Emphasis on trimmin and nose time, not concerned much about turning - just the necessary to keep the tail in the pocket   :wink:

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.