planer cord

Hey Guys

Did a search and there were a few discussions on this but they seemed pretty old.

I have my planer hooked up to my vac system via a slinky hose from the ceiling of my shaping room.

I would like to also have my power cord feed from the ceiling .

As the vac hose is a slinky type, and the power cord isn’t, what method has been used to have them both hanging?

I’m sure it is fairly simple, just wan’t to see what other have done.

Photo’s would explain a lot more


Zip-ties, electrical tape, masking tape, Duct-tape. Simple, eh?

mine is zip-tied to the hose, with a little extra length in the section connected to the planer to compensate for the flex in the hose.


That what I was thinking.

Probably the simplest and cheapest way to go about it.

Just seeing if anyone had any other way of doing it


I use these little velcro straps, couple dollars for a bunch of them, from the hardware store.

Hey mds

Where did you get the slinky hose from ?



Hey mooneemick

I found it at the local dump.

Had a wander around the recycled shed and it was with all the old vacuum cleaners.

Cost me $2-


Hey mds

That’s a good score !! I’ve had a bit of a look for slinky hose without much luck. I’ve got 40mm vac hose set up on a carriage to pick up the slack but slinky hose would be so much better to use.

Probably going to have to get it from Foam EZ in the States, I should have bought it before our dollar became a peso.



I usually save the ankle velcro strap off of my old leashes. Seems that after surfing for years they tend to accumulate. So instead of trashing them i save the strap and they work great for holding extension cords and straping the power cord on a planer to a slinky hose.