Plastic Fantastic Tom $ Sam HAWK

Wow! ten years is balled up in my throat. I don’t even know where I am writting this. EXcept. Red dot and creative exlosion rainbow bridge, lopez and living in Lahaina, then. Only my friend Jack ever told a story about Maui and R. Bridge an Hana concert. It was a high energhy sitituation. With genus types around. Owl Chapman,Chappy and Jackie Baxter are the one I saw ripping Honaloua when I was 12. Jackie Dunn lived in Lahaina w/his mom and brother and sister. Eveywhere I looked at 13- 14 Mike Ho, Rory Larry Bertelmann at ala Moana was insane.on a white bottom blue top Aipa on summer. It was a full charged enviroment. Plus all kinds of hot stuff going on at the jar head parking in front of Kaisers. In winter on the North Shore Owl Sam Brewer, they were taking it apart I guess. I was in school. Huge Monday etc. Later I had a chance to see and follow the good example that these guys set. I just finished talking to own of my nieghbors on the phone to wish his family a good Thanksgiving.He asked me about Hawk, and said “that guy was fucking heavy” Only thing I could tell Brian was Owl Tom and Sam are all over at the Sunset Beach Drive in playing pool with LeRoy Dennis, listening to Juke box bangin out KC and the Sunshine Band’s Get Down Tonight.

Owl, Sam,Brewer. Good examples? Maybe surfing wise but that’s about it. Yes, I remember that period fondly. What a great time for surfing progression. I guess we had to accept the bad with the good. aloha