Please FCS users: need dimms.


I’m planning to add removable side bites to my EPS longboard. I can find here in Spain only FCS plugs, which they sold spare.

What I need is the set of A-B-C dimmensions on the picture attached, so I can build a template fin for placing the plugs in the correct position.

Please could you take out one of your FCS fins and make those 3 measurements as close as you can???

Milimeters, if possible.

Thanks in advance.


A = 145mm

B = 180mm

C = 330mm

before making the fin make sure someone else confirms this if possible.


Josh, are you sure it’s not 14.5 mm - 18.0 mm - 33.0 mm ?

Nice one Josh!!!

Those are waayyy to much… its .5 inches for depth, 3/4 for plug thing length, and the gap is 1 1/4 exactly


A = .5 inches

B = .75 inches

C = 1.25 inches

hahaha! good one you idiot josh! hehe. unless i was mesuring Nev’s board i’m so incorrect.

bob marley has the right dimensions. tip to others: when your half asleep at 11:30 pm don’t try mesuring fins. sorry Neira!


Thanks Bob and Josh and Balsa and…

Well, anyone confirms Bob’s dimms???:

A= 0.5" = 13mm

B= 0.75" = 19mm

C= 1.25" = 32mm

Please Chip, drop in here.


Well, anyone confirms Bob’s dimms???:

A= 0.5" = 1.27mm

B= 0.75" = 1.90mm

C= 1.25" = 3.17mm

Are you sure it’s nost supposed to be cm and not mm? :slight_smile:

Sounds right to me. It’s 2" from the front of one tab to the front of the other. Makes sense to use 1/2", 3/4" and 2".



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Thanks Haavard.

Ambrose, you hit the nail…as usual.

Let’s leave it like this (70,05mm is what AUTOCAD says; I think I’ll be able to cut at 7cm…):


My friend Nando has taken those measurements for me/us directly in mm:

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So this is the final template (if nobody disagrees):