Pneumatic Grinder & Pad

The little grinder comes in handy for both freelaps and cutlaps.Good for ding repair also.I use the “rollock” pad and sandpaper.

what do you use to knock down the freelap’s?

cutlap-freelap… you get a smoother finish when you sand em down

dean you must first learn the correct way

im not suposed to tell you this

but you must tape and cut your laps

then use a surform or file as doc described

there are a few other diferent ways of holding it but the ideas the same

your just like me 2 years ago, ahead of yourself

these you beaut labour saving methods are at best sketchy

concentrate on traditional methods until you have a showroom board

when you achieve that then you can find your own way

in no way will free laps and epoxy look good when you look closely