poly blanks in hawaii??

Hey guys, wanted to see if you help me confirm some information I heard today. Is there a company on Oahu, making poly surfboard blanks on the island?? Who are they and how can I get a hold of them? Mahalos ahead of time for any info. PEACE!!

foamhacker, ps, the bay was fun today over here in Maui!!

Which kind of poly, polyurethane or polystyrene?

sorry, polyurethane, thanks…

Could hardly believe that there would be. Still, those in the know, would know. I’d suggest to call Ted Wilson at Fiberglass Hawaii and inquire.

aloha foamhacker,

call greenvalleymill in california, They once told me someone on Oahu is going through the process of opening Homeblown plant in campbell industrial park. Maybe it was greenvalley mill themselves.