Posca Pens

hey, i just got a new board and wanted to do some art on the front and back, i’ve never used posca pens and was wondering how many pens of each color to buy, i need to fill about a 3’ by 1’ 6" space on both sides of my board, if anyone knows a good amount of pens to buy, that’d really help me out, thanks!

1 per color should be fine my art guy uses something similar to posca just better, he used the poscas and gets 2-3 boards per pen at least.

p.s. dont ask I wont tell.

Let’s see… I know of something better, but I won’t share the information? This is SWAYLOCKS, isn’t it??? That attitude is kind of a first, as far as I can recall… if you’re not willing to share the information, why even bring it up??

PS If I misunderstood your post, my apologies.