nothing to do with surfboard design,I apologize,I just want to share my experience,hoping it will help someone else.About a month ago,I hurt my knee,I had it checked out,and the doc said that I did not tear a meniscus or a ligament,but strained my knee,and to rest it,ice it,and 8oo mg ibuprofen 3xday.Did that.Anyways,after 2 weeks,no improvement whatsoever,I went back surfing with a knee brace,for short1/2 hour sessions,before the pain got too bad.Last Monday,my friend who is a lifeguard here on the north shore,sees me limping,and puts two stickers on my knee,some kind of magnet.I am too nice to tell him I don’t believe in that stuff,what the hell,it can’t hurt.Damn if i did not start to feel better within  15 minutes,that afternoon,the pain was mostly gone,the next day,I surfed two hours in the morning,and went back for another two hour session that afternoon. i stopped the ibuprofen,and the icingThat was last week,the knee has improved so much I am surfing wthout a brace,back to normal.I checked the site,it claims to improve balance,energy ,etc…I don’t know about that,but for me,it was a dramatic result for my knee pain.

What is it and where can you buy it?

it’s this THING,some kind of electro magnetic stuff ,I got it from my friend,but I checked it out on the internet,   powerbalance.net     they don’t say anything about pain,just balance,energy,etc…they have a bunch of famous athletes  endorsing it.I first heard about it last year,a bunch of surfers around here were wearing it and claiming it helped their surfing,but I never thought much of it,since that is subjective.However,pain is not subjective,and it worked for me,so,maybe it can help someone else?

what I did,or my friend did actually,was to put a sticker on a piece of sticky tape,without taking the backing off,so I can keep using it over and over.duct tape works good.I put one on either side of my knee.ask around,I am sure guys in your area have heard about it.aloha

I believe that thing is all about mind power…

our mind is the most powerfull magnetizer…



surf is love

keep surfing


I wax all my surfboards with snake oil…it’s faster on the bottom and stickier on the top…makes my balls bigger too.