"preserving" for posterity ....

the “older” members of our “tribe” , and those not predicted to live long …

has anyone thought of taping these people’s stories ? videoing them ? [if permitted?]

They are a wealth of information and interest !

…just a thought I had a few years ago , when I was fortunate enough to meet Scott Dillon , at his surf museum in Coffs Harbour , on Australia’s mid-north coast .

…these people won’t be around forever , you know , and it seems a pity when they are gone that their stories often go with them , unpublished , unheard , unknown .

anyway , just a thought …

and I’m sure things like “worldsurf radio” are piecing together bits of the surf history jigsaw puzzle bit by bit , over time …

cheers ,


That’s a great idea, Ben!

Let’s start with you, old man: so, would you mind telling us about your long life of fin making and photos shooting and posting, Mr CHIPFISH61?

nah mate , that’s really very kind of you , but YOU are far more interesting / “historical”. Seriously.

I am only a 45yo old west oz “tinkerer” …


Hi Ben -

Malcolm Gault-Williams (http://www.legendarysurfers.com), along with Gary Lynch (http://www.tomblakebiography.com) and others have done a damn good job of documenting the stories of some of surfing’s greatest.

Check it out… maybe even buy something so they’ll keep at it!

Chipster - I think we have evolved to the point where you could be the Sways DJ for the weekly radio / webcast show from WA. You’d be perfect. You could dress up like your picture and interview folks from all over the world…kinda like our Howard Stern.


pardon my ignorance … is howard stern living up to his name ?

with a surname like “chipper” , I guess I could be his counterpunch [or whatever the opposite of someone is ?]


often when I dont look directly at the presnt

avitar concentrate on another part of the screen,

in the periforal areas of my vision I percieve

a head shot of a basset hound.

is this my personal quirk or is this somehow a grand plan

to soften your image on the world stage

before the release of the

chipper world dominance tour.??/?


ahhhh bassets.


You see, I run a surf shop called Jasper’s. And as the actual owners and managers and such had names like Mike and Tom and John and such…well, booooohhhhhring as my great niece would say .

So they named it after one of the owner’s dog. A basset called Jasper.

This was ( damn, I am getting old) coming up on 40 years ago…and I remember old Jasper. With the exception of Sam the Surf Dog ( who is looking at me now mournfully, expecting a flung potato chip) I can’t think of a more good-hearted dog.

In your climes, well, the heat may be an issue. But picture, if you will, poor ol’ Jasper in 4" of snow. Bear in mind he was male, and quite short-legged. The idea of ‘turning a furrow’ comes to mind, something I look back on and shudder.

In any event - should you like…

an Ambrosial avatar, perchance?

Best regards


great dog !

can I use him for my avatar photo , if you don’t amby ??


cheers doc

I reckon you could also have called him ‘martin’ , though …


Responding to your first post, the Surfing Heritage Foundation in San Clemente, Ca., has former an Oral History Committee, for just that purpose.


We had a dog like that, called it Cheese, except it was a short legged Lab, Beagle, German Shepard etc mix. Poor fool was short legged, but well endowed. We always thought about taping or gluing a little Hot Wheels car to his unit. That poor dog always had some kind of sore or bruise on that thing from it dragging on the ground.

Thanks for the laugh

thanks Bill !

what do they do with the oral history , have they transposed it to tape , or books ?

cheers ,


(chuckling )

Yeah, and imagine the poor beast coming to a curb. Talk about an abrupt stop!

And…Ben, typically, with oral histories, they are either taped or videoed ( sometimes both). Have done a few in connection with our local historical society, you see. Then, if there’s interest enough, they are transcribed.

The other thing with the oral histories is the interviewer who goes out and asks the subject questions and such.

It’s a skill, you can do a lame puff piece where you’re just hitting the highlights of somebody’s career ( see mainstream surf magazines, any of them, for examples of thet) or you can kinda push it and ask more difficult questions, draw them out on the interesting stuff. A good interviewer will pursue interesting things that come up and think on his feet, a bad one will just drone along asking stuff from a laundry list of things somebody back at the office came up with. Or worse, the interviewer thinking that he or she is the star of the show and basicly shouldering the interviewee out into the cold. You see some of that with news celebrities.

Anyhow- you might want to do a few yourself. Lots of interesting people out there that also happen to surf. Might be a whole new thing…



start with some of the people HERE , is what I was hinting at , in my opening post…


I gotcha - Go for it, though I will say that interviewing people by phone and doing it well is a whole other skill set. One that I, apparently, lack completely.


You could start with Cleanlines and ask him about his three leg dog named Tripod.