Pressure Dings

A new board is used for 3 hours and is covered with pressure dings … It was supposto have 2 layers of 6 oz glass on the deck .I even asked for 1 to be s-glass . I have been surfing for 33 years and have’nt ever had a board that did this … Anyone have an idea what happened???

don’t worry about it.

Your guy may have overshaped the deck and ended up with soft foam. How does it ride? If it rides good I would just surf the heck out of it!

It’s probably a foam density issue more than anything. You will find out how good your lamination is by how long it holds up. Still , don’t worry about it. Ride it and keep it out of the sun. All of mine have dented decks.

if it was glassed in all 6oz like i get mine, it should be noticably heavier than one that was glassed in 4oz, dont be surprised if the glassers just laminated it with 4oz anyway cause they thought no one would want all 6 these days.

Thanks Everybody … Yes I have thought that it might have been fron the “overshaping” deal … I asked for a really thick funboard shape and the shaper had to use a much longer blank to get the thickness …It’s a Great board the one I’ve been looking for a long time … I’ll just ride the heck out of it … They all pressure ding sooner or later … By the way the waves here in S. Fl are great today… Aloha

Probably is still hot and hasn’t cured long enough, or f-uped the resin job

It was a week getting to me here in fl from Ca … Long Enough?? to cure??

No dirsrespect intended here, but why would someone in Florida buy a board from someone in California? Aren’t there good board builders in Florida?

For the same reason you buy a MERCEDES instead of a FORD!

For any of these reasons: Overshaped deck, the blank used was very lightweight and not very dense, bad fiberglass job (many things could’ve gone bad here), actually didn’t use your stated 6oz+6oz glass on deck. Or, you have very boney heels and/or knees and weigh over 180lbs. Many, Many ways to pressure ding a deck. The longboards I’ve come across that usually don’t easily dent used a dense blank such as Clarkfoam Supergreen, and had a heavy glass job.

enjoy the board- it may just turn out to be one of your absolute favorites- i have favorites that are years old woth dents,dings, and cracks and pressure dents- but they still go great!!!havve fun

Thanks Thats what Im gonna do . I had this one copied from another “favorite” board that was so old had stress cracks etc. that I was afraid to ride it anymore … A GREAT shaper Steve Seebold made it for me . Anyone heard of him?? He did’nt glass it …it was’nt him but he shaped it and updated the old 70’s shape … I really like the way it rides so I’m just ride it till it falls apart . That could be years… Thanks again to all of you … Don J.

I remember Steve Seebold… cool guy. Back when I was building and evaluating my early keel fins, he always took the time to generously share his insights.

Seebold is one of the best in Ca. Very versitile. There is the possibility here that the blank was mismarked. Could have read green and been blue or less. This does occasionally happen. Maybe you shouldn’t blame the shaper. Also could be that the laminator misread the card. This happens too. There are so many steps in a custom board that there are ample chances for something to be amiss. I wish I could say it doesn’t happen to me, but it does. As far as denting, carbon and epoxy will eliminate it. And this will be where the high end board will be in the future. So California boards are Mercedes and Fl. boards are Fords? Pleeeeeeease.

Greg Please Please ,Don’t take it wrong … I was afraid you might see the question when I posted it … I am not blaming Steve ,he was fantastic . You can see in one of the eariler posts that I said HE 'Steve" the shaper did’nt glass it … I really don’t know if theres anyone to Blame