Probox in australia, thanks Probox and foamhead!

Just like to say thanks to the guys at Probox, as we've just put in another succesfull order!. Great guys to deal with and am stoked at the stuff, excellent as usual guys.


Also, thanks foamhead for putting it together and sticking your neck out to put in a group order. I'm keen to do another board next year, and if so, the fins will definately be probox. In fact, i'll have the option of aipa twinny's, modern keels, and another set of twins, guess im making another twin!!




Will post pics soon guys.

 absolute pleasure old mate !!!

With the Probox boy's (Larry, Robin and Mitch) doing there thing and the end users, (us) getting a kick out of using it ........... just keeps the stoke throbbing (lol)

Look after that little bloke and take care

Hada few beers but will post pics in nect few hours of fins. awesome fins, great work guys.





Red ones guna get tested on sunday. Can;rt wait!!

Those Red fins look awesome. great shape.

Yeah the red ones are the ducks ........... was nearly going to tell you they didn't make it over or maybe that Larry forgot or something along those lines and then keep em' ;-) !!!!!!!!!!!!!! (lol)

Nahhhhhhhh wouldn't do it ya mate !!!!!!!!

Have fun old mate... oh and don't forget you'll need another box for the centre 475' fin before you paddle out (lol)

Go easy on the home brew, setting a bad example for the young bloke


I just wish the board was better made, i've had trouble with it, but no excuse now.


Yeah i had a lunchtime BBQ so was a bit messy earlier, too easy with a tap on the beer fridge, which is close to the BBQ. Gotta have beer with a BBQ.


I have some keels from ben which are similar, but dont quite fit. Need to modify and try. Looks like small swell on sunday with a light offshore, so should be clean, and at the dawn patrol should be no crowd, so i'll try em out then. Love new stuff!!


Now i have to start thinking about the next board im gunna make! narrowed it down to a semi fish, like a webber afterburner, but maybe a bit wider.

foamhead... check your PM's

Here’s a few pics of some other boards with Probox fins to add to the thread.


Great fins!!!



And another pic



One more


Hey Camron ....

Wow you been lying low old mate !!!!!

Damn good to see you in the swazieee flow .....  

miss'n your input

Probox finning was always your forte' and the proof's in the pic's

Take care




Hey Foamhead,


Yes… been laying low for a fair while as I’ve been busy with life :)  Havn’t shaped a lot of boards in the last 12 months but have enjoyed the ones I have.

Board in the first pic I posted is my fish template with a few ideas thrown in… single channel is something I’ve done in a few of my fishes and this one goes great.  Probably should post a deck photo of this one as it was sprayed by Josh (Speedneedle) - Josh is a true artist as you will be able to see from the pic!



Board in the third pic I posted (quad) was shaped for a friend and uses a magic set of probox quad fins - these fins go great!  I shaped this board for a friend and it has unfortunately only been in the water a handful of times… may be time to reclaim it :)  I liked the quad setup on this boad so much that I had to order another set and put them on one of my own boards ;0


But fear not… I have other hidden gems but as this is a Probox thread, it would not be appropriate to unleash my new hidden gem on this thread (wink wink Josh :wink:



Hey Camron ......

That's almost to good to put wax on !!!

Josh is a magic brush, (air) man .. I reckon he could drink some paint bend over touch his toes blow paint out his ^&%#% and reproduce the "mona lisa" without thinking about it !! (lol) (lol) awesom mate !!

I've got a set of those quads but I'll Pm you .... need to ask you something.

I'm always checking your site out for something new .... so hurry up !! (lol)

Take care mate


Hey Beerieeeee

Check your PM old mate .....


thanks guys for posting these shots !


hey mark ['beery'] , is it the depth of the tabs in the keels that need modifying  ? [if so , a few minutes with a sanding block will do it !] ....sorry , i forgot to take the inserts out of the box when i was finishing off the starry keels ... i learnt now !


 hey 'fishexp' ?!!!  



it's GREAT  to see you back here cameron fishman !!


  [if you want to pm me your addy , i might have a few things for you to try out if you like ?]


  cheers !



Yeah ben the depth, I've been off work for the past 5 weeks due to new bub, but i go back next week, so will be able to do it then ( why not when all the tools are there!? ). I've just cut the holes for new plugs so wont be surfin the twinny for a few weeks.



hi mark ,


  you're drilling new holes in it ?


are you making it a quad , then ? [maybe try mctavish's moving the plugs to under your toes and heel formula , if you're feeling adventurous ...DID you see the latest 'Surfing World' article i mentioned here ? ]


  if  you are making it a quad [?] , of course  , i have fins ....


   cheers ,



Nah, im having problems with the nose wanting to lift up. Im moving the fins forward as the tail rocker starts a bit too far up, which might be the problem. It may work as a quad with the new boxes ,but i dont even know if what im doing will work. Suck n see!.

Hey mate

Box's on their way, (overnight)

U should have them for weekend to play around with

Check your PM later on for some numbers