probox side box as a center box

I plan to use a pro-box side box as a center box using a 0 degree insert. Apart from making sure that it’s correctly centered with the jig, I can’t forsee a problem.

can you ?

Well I’m not the probox expert but…

…in a pinch, should be no problem.

Also you can thread a new hole if necessary on the other side, although its a bit cramped for room ,its doable.

Although its not a ‘top notch polished customer solution’.

Here are very complete instructions for threading a new screw position.



I was thinkin the same thing today

But I remember asking PBLarry about it , and he said that theres a psibility that when the screws are tight’nd

the fin is pushed to the side and down to the corner of the box

By useing a side box the center fin may be off center, even more if the fin is a little loose

Therefore the centerbox is available

But if you realy need to who’s stopin ya?