Professional hams

i recently saw timmy turners new film tsumami diaries- very good i should add - its not a surfing flick, but a compelling documentary about the releif effort.

i didn’t know sam george had a brother matt, who has a lot of spots in the film. interestingly he is just as much of an hammy, trial lawyer like, jim carrey-ish (but jim is funny), over zealous, cheese ball like his brother sam. to understand what im getting at, or if you want to puke, just remember ham george and stacey peralta hamming it up in the dogtown flick…always talking about the ‘quinessential antithesis’ of something or other in the ultra-most cartoon like animated manner. ugggg. those two buffoons are the only detractor to dogtown. the same could be said of matt to tsunami diaries.

maybe im wrong, over-critical, and they’re just passionate about surfing. but ii tend to think these guys are complete cornballs every time they’re in front of a camera. sam george has hacked up a couple surf vids. i think somebody should tell these guys.

comments please- will retract all statements and admit fault as an over-critical jerk upon receipt of substantial opposition to said commentary.

I agree with you 100%.

The worst I have seen so far is the surfermag interviewer on the video interviews, is that sam George ?


yes, hes all over those videos. its at the point where its becoming more hilarious than irritating. i think im going to start imitating him wiht my firiends!!!

Folks tend to get more eccentric as they get older. Don’t want to get stuck with him in the nursing home, eh?

Maybe it’s a kind of bird flu specific to the surf industry, could have been caught from JT ?


my plan is working perfectly.

I aint neva seen the boys from san mateo

but fore in gods hands where matt gorge

was the all star soul man part

where he plays the guy sitting

on the bottom

on the bottomn of de ocean

next to aerial ,the littlist Mermaid ,

you remember her the big cartoon star.

at chaws the movie I tell

shakka lakka ding ding


whadda part

he beat out jim neighbors

for that part.

so the plan

dont be grozed off by this stuff

skip em.

I am looking forward to not seeing

Leozonio del Karmangia

playing dora in the flim

perhaps titlie ‘’‘DORA’‘’’

de reel story.

directed by Opie

with sherrif andy as the senile surf fossil

and aunt Bee as the Psychadelic beach bunnie

at 74 years young.

have you seen her press photos?

she’s hot!

tucks and lifts

do wonders.

abstinence avoidence agnosticism

the three A’s of surf sanity

Hams abound.

put up a camera

the shutter attracts such.

then when there is a sound track!

you may catch some polution in yo eaar.

J brother… kudos…



I can’t watch the Sam George segments of Riding Giants…I haven’t seen one man gush like that since the wedding scene in Birdcage.

Birdcage, Birdseed, Hamster gushing . … … . the evidence is mounting up.


He’s a gushy fellow for sure. There’s worse things to be. You know, whatever it is, it could always be worse. That said, he does wreck the surf flicks he’s in. He takes the cake–and adds ham to it.


H. Simpson

oh shizzle…i gots riding giants in my netflix que… will report on devatstation after viewing!!