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Hi People,

Sorry for posting an another thread but I need your opinion.

I dont need to take too much off the bottom but I am wondering if I need to carve out a little more of the top first, or just leave it.

Its the area of the deck above the towel and about 3/4 back again.

9’ 4" long and 2 13/16" thick.



I’d thin the deck between 14" from nose to 20 " from nose. It’s not matched well with that super thin nose tip as is. Just maybe 1/8" is all.

Nice fast profile, kinda thin for 9’+…might break or stress fracture, and kinda fast tail rocker for big, bumpy waves.

Hard to tell from the photo but Lee’s right about the tail rocker…if it’s too flat, your laps will creat a negative rocker; very bad on a gun. Also a thinner tail can warp creating the negative curve too…you might want to put a 1/8 to 1/4 inch kick behind the fin(s) even if it means shortening the whole board a tad. Give you a little more hold on the drop and a whole lot less bounce in the bumps.

Hey Hicksy - I think it looks pretty darn good, even though the two Lee’s think you need to tinker with it more.

I’d recommend glassing it 2x4 oz top AND bottom, or 6 oz +4 oz top & bottom. A little extra weight to get down those big faces…

the most critical moment in shapin’ an imortal form marking a place in time is when you choose to stop.You can shape and shape and on a given day that one pass can mean the close miss or the grandest moment of glory siezed.

    The fear of glory or demoralization can effect judgement.consider this :the 1/4 oz of foam taken away will sink the rail deep enough one day when its  erectile areola tambien,but on that day its a little fat on the take off you will miss the wave that lines up inside for a mile,thats a kilometeer for the metricly afflicted,stopping is a mater of grace and self esteem.....

from the limited view provided I for one can easily see this is! the greatest surfboard in the history of mankind and IT SHOULD BE GLASSED BEFORE THE DOG<KID<YARD MAN< POSTWOMAN<UPSGUY<POLICE<BIRDS<FRIENDS <FOES< GIANT TOMATOES>LIZARDS>GRAND MOTHER UNCLES >>>TEERMINALLY WREK HAVOK AND DESTROY THE ONE THING THAT YOU HAVE EVER DONE WITH SO MUCH LOVE AND CONCENTRATION…truely a fine representation of the love of surfing…ambrose…what we all share …a love of surfing,w.frosieth

Like he said - too hard to tell from the picture. Good luck, Taylor

Hey what a great set of ideas, all very practical too.

Your comments made me see things a little differently. As a graphic designer I have at times missed the flaming obvious until it gets checked out by an outsider.

What I was missing was the tail rocker, wayyyy tooooo flat.

I’ve decided to increase this rocker and shorten it by 3" as I don’t have much volume to support it’s length.

I’ll keep you people up to date on this thread. I’m not going in the shed today, it’s going to be 103 deg outside today + 20 in the shed.

Thanks again for you depth of wisdom and experience.



You have a whole lot of nose rocker but barely any tail rocker, make some tail rocker it will work out good.

I really appreciate your help with this board.

I started with a 6" thick blank 9’6" for a windsurfer.

I have followed all your advice, sorry Ambrose I did understand what you said but I felt something was a bit wrong with what I had done.

I worked like a dog last night, sanding and shaping, sanding and shaping, sanding and shaping, until…

The finished shape. Happy to field any comments good or bad.

and thanks again…



bless you you have a ruler with the immortal inch scale…there will be praises in the hereafter that in this design you have shunned the heritical metric … now this is the board for the Hyper ripper tow in Ken doll, thanks to you for providing for his progression to the behind the bike tow board…the partickle board spacers between the t-bands are an exceptional addition and although I seem to remember seeing a board like this on Roys site I think he was only selling the plans and had not made one himself,so I think you may have scooped him and if you finish the board by april 1st it may be ready to enter in the symposium at strattford on avon where the tow in competition will commence with staggering pomp and circumstance at the fly casting pond… pipsfield…ambrose…are you going 4oz or 2oz?

…save ‘Hicksy’ !


p.s. - save Ambrose too…are you REALLY in your 50s ??? [you one funny bugga sometimes !!]

I was counting on supassing Stacey Peralta by performing a 1 finger stand on this devilishly brilliant conceptual finger board.

I am going to strengthen it in a vacuum bag using 4 x .062oz recycled toilet paper on the top and 2x on the bottom. Still need to add the finger stall and put a titanium rod from my left index finger through to my spinal column. (I’m goofy)

Going for a full keel with this one using a 1/2" finbox.

hicksy , is it a gun style board , or more everyday fun board , easy wave getter type board …

my first thought was it looks like a thin windsurfer , you then confirmed that on your next post …

at first glance the blank looks like you could get a smoothe 8’-8" may be 8’-10" …

anything goes , so its totally up to you for the overall finished thing …

but my opinion is take the 3" off the tail like you said , and put some rocker through the last 3’ of the tail , keeping the curve clean and even …

then i would maybe take a few inches off the nose and clean up that thickness distribution and soften and smoothe the nose entry …

to try and disguise that windsurfer look …



OK being serious now…

Here is what I did. Cut 4" off the tail…

and reprofiled the tail rocker.

The top one is the redefined shape. As you can see it is so light now that it can hold a table and a towel above the ground without any visible means of support.

Rex was there to supervise…

I’d like to hear your comments on the change. Doing the outline tonight.


ok thats what i had in mind … i did a version in aps for ya to show you what i meant , you pretty much covered the tail ,

this is what i was thinking for the nose as well …

the grey line was your old board , the black is where i think it may look smoother , i took a few inches off the nose as well , scooped a tad out of the deck near the nose , and drew the entry a little further back to the centre …

that was my version …



Thanks for that Bert.

I did a comparison and found a few similarities and realised a few changes.

Can you tell me how much you took off the nose. It’s currently 9’ x 20" so do you think it should be trimmed down to maybe 19" to keep the gun outline?

I had a look at the outline after I took the 4" off the tail and thought to myself that the whole rail section from 2’ back from the nose needed to be trimmed in.

It just looked a bit awkward.

thanks for your comments.



i think 20 is more usable …

at 19 itll be monster waves only …

unless your planning on some serious time down the coast , your hardly gonna get waves around home to use 9’ x 19"

here hicksy , heres a practical outline for 9’ x 20 …

still caries some width nose and tail so youll get more overall use out of it …

but not to straight or mal like to surf in some bigger waves with some hollowness

i think my rocker pic showed 3 " or so knocked off the nose …

i thought you needed to get back to some cleaner foam so you can control the nose curve better …



…that would make it 8’ 9 " , Hicksy…you started with 9’ 11 remember . So that will be 14" off the original already.

What do YOU want to do ?? What tail shape are you going with…still the pin / rounded pin ?

Bert’s outline looks pretty sweet , I must say !

…and [ but this is only me, here] I reckon you don’t need to go narrower than 20" , considering you started with 25" , and the Perth waves you’ll mainly be riding it in .


personally in tthe present poli- climate I believe it would be best if you reversed the negetive as rex is looking left in the photo having him looking right would surely present the board in an entirely diferent light .

…also I think that considering the season you might consider pressing -on with the consideration of the glass plan’s durability factor as the amount of exposre core foam is increasing by the stroke.

Rex is obviously an exceptional intelect as demonstrated by the fine concentrated white head pinstripe,somthing shared with other historicly fine canines,look deeply into his eyes and ask him if its time to glass the damn thing…ambrose… rex know all

Rex the wonder dog sees all…

He spent an hour at my feet while I handsanded the ‘canyons’ and rails the other day. Itchy glass fibres showering down on him. Concerned about his health [physical AND mental !!] , I picked him up and placed him outside the garage, and went back to the job at hand…sanding.

Turn around…there he is, back in the exact same spot, letting it shower down on him !!

When you start up the grinder or planer…he comes RUNNING [I kid you not !] , for the ‘privilege’ [?!] of sitting under the board and gettin’ the foam dust or glass shards into his coat. [ loony dog, that one !! …we get on SO well !!] . I think he must have been a surfboard sander or shaper in a previous existence, perhaps in a different galaxy.