Profile Shaper

Does anyone have plans to build a profile shaper? I seem to remember that Rabbit did…? Thanks in advanced, Dave Jorgenson

Hi Dave, l have plans to the profilers that l build, l designed and built my first one about 12 years ago and have sold a few to other shapers, they are perfect for the small to mid sized company, l can profile and shape 30 boards easily in a normal week and still have time to go surfing. But remember, your foils are only as good as the curves that you make to put on the machine. These are not computer operated so there is a lot of manual labour to get to the stage of having a full range of curves but once you do it will open your eyes up to a whole new shaping experience.

Perfect. I use a program to bend my bottom rocker and print them on a plotter. I can then transfer the (deck and bottom) templetes to use on the profile shaper. I have seen the one used on at the shapersaustraila website. Could I buy the plans from you? Thanks, Dave

Hey Dave, what you have done is only the start of designing rockers for the machine, yes it is good start that you have a full size scale of your rocker but it is the exits (points past your rocker)that dictate how the last 12" from each end of your board will come out and then you adjust them to get a larger range of profiles out of the one template. Forget about the one that you saw at shapers, l made machines for guys who already had one of those, biuld it yourself because 1)it’s cheaper 2)it gives you a better understanding of how it is going to work when it’s finished 3)it gives you a sense of satisfaction designing and creating your own tools to make your surfboards. l will post a picture of my machines so that you can see what l have done. You can email me at and l will try to help you out with building it or anyone else if they are interested. KR

KR- Cool…I will be back in Califoria on Monday and will Email you back. Thanks again. Dave P.S What tools would I need to start project? I have a mig and tig welder and a manual mill for fabrication.

Hello KR, I’ve taken a look at the profiler and it seems that they can put dome in the deck by using a bowed top piece. I like lots of dome in my boards But this machine looks like it would be only capable of putting in dome of a uniform radius throughout the length of the board. Does this produce a good deck/rail shape or does it complicate the rail-band phase of shaping or do your machines work differently? cheers, Mike PS Gregor M from the Island has been sending me pics of your twin fins, are you located in that region?

Hi Mike, the bridge that the router sits in on the Shapers machine can only produce the deckroll that you have placed in it, l designed what l call a split deck roll where l have only one bridge that can produce a myriad of rolls, l split the deckroll from the centre and have increments placed on the bridge so that l know what rail volume is being transfered to the blank. You can put the same rail on two boards of the same thickness but of different widths. The only way you could do that before was to change deckrolls. Max (Gregor, great bloke) told me about you and l saw the photos of you glassing that board, great stuff, l am in Queensland only about 2000 klm from where Gregor lives but it is where l am originally from and learned to surf and make boards.If you are thinking of building your own just let me know and l can send you over some plans. KR

KR- I’m back from being on the road and want to build the profile shaper. How might I go about getting the plans from you? Thanks, Dave

thanks KR, your machine sounds very interesting I’m in the middle of a composite method of construction which makes shaping rails by eye difficult so thats where a profiler capable of controlling rail thickness would help. I’ll post descriptions on swaylocks when I get the time. difficult to balance going to work, home board building , getting some surfs and posting here. I’m planning on returning to Oz next year and not expecting to work straight away so will consider using the time to make a profiler when I return home. I’ll email you regarding the plans. you certainly got to develop your surfing and boards in superb locations :slight_smile: cheers, Mike

Hi Mike and Dave, l have drawn some basic plans on my Cad program but lam working on a step by step program to building a profiler, give me a couple of weeks and l should be able to email it out. Some people might say why are you giving away free plans to your own creation (that took me 6 months to design and build and hours of gozinta-ing). Well, to tell you the truth, when l first started making boards 27 years ago l didn’t even know that making boards could be a full time job, l started to make boards because l couldn’t beleive how beautiful they where, they where real works of art back then. All l could think of was trying to make a better board, something that would be 100 times more special than anybody elses. l didn’t get into it for money or glory, l got into it because l had a true love for the craft and surfing, l feel that l was lucky to be able to do this for so many years and have never stoped trying to reach my goal. To me this is what being a board maker is all about, having a true love for the craft but as time has gone on the “industry” (l hate that term)has changed and l dont beleive that it is the same sport, its all about money and glory, not craftsmenship, fun and creativity. Most of the people over here are purely in it for the money and glory and are only concerned with how many boards they can spit out in a year. All of the guys doing big amounts of boards are not even shaping custom orders, letting their under paid ghost shapers sign their name. So what l figure is that the more get people l get to build their own machines, to be able to make their own boards easier, the more of a chance that we have of keeping this craft special and not another over marketed,poped out peice of sporting equipment. This site is great because with alot of the guys here l can feel that they have the same love and respect for our pasion of surfing creations. Long live the backyard board builders. KR

PLease post your cad drawing when you are done. I greatly appreciate your work and spoken words about the …well…“industry”.

KR. I would love to have copy of those plans if possible? I greatly apreciate your feelings to share and your philosiphy of why you are doing it. This is a great place to and a great time to be in, with all the knowledge floating around this site. mark scott