Program for mobile phones wire tapping !!!

E-mail: Do you want to know all about your girl , husband , wife, friend or companion ??? Yes ?! Now it’s possible with our unique program “MobilTap 5.0” for tapping of mobile phones!!! It can tap all Mobil phones in all standards. GSM is most popular but it also can tap CDMA and others. Just connect your mobil phone to PC with a help of special cable (it comes together with MobilTap 5.0) and it will work like equipment for wire tapping ! Our program works with all latest models of Mobil phones. — How it works ? Just enter in our program screen number of phone you want to tap and allow our program wait for calls. During this time you can do you business or other things. You do not need to wait for calls by yourself. Our program will tap all incoming calls for number which you entered and then it will record talks on your computer hard disk !!! To buy this unique program contact us only by e-mail: P.S. Attention ! You must understand that tapping of Mobil calls in your country can conflict with regional law and you must agree that you use software on your own risk. We are not responsible for your actions with our software because we sell “MobilTap 5.0” for educational needs and you must give notice to a person whom you are going to tap before tapping. E-mail:

Since you obviously believe in unsolicited sales pitches, I’ve submitted your email address to several bulk emailers and one dealing in porn. Just trying to be helpful.

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