progression as a shaper

so im up to board 4. and so far this is by far one of the most fun things ive taken up in a long time.

its cool looking a board one and all the little mistakes and then looking at board #2 and it doesnt have the same mistakes. board 3 has less then 2. and hopefully 4 has none! ok well it has a small on one the rail but ive learned not to mess up like that. the progression from just hand tools. to a planer. to power sanding. tho with only 3 boards glassed im no where near as good as some of the stuff put up here. i used to be a guy who just wanted to ride. buying the cheapest board possible. because i knew nothing of performance or how different shapes and things effected how things rode. right after the first session on my first board i already knew what im going to change on version 2. plus the board i made just destroys anything ive baught. 5+ sessions and still no dings! rides quicker then anything before it. ive stepped out of being the kook who rides to be cool or to get chicks. ive become the kid who rides and who obsessed because of the rush.

there is so many different things i want to try. from vac bagging skins, solid wood boards, compsands. before this site i had no idea anything like this existed. Huge thanks to all those innovators and genius here on sways. big thanks to brian at greenlight for the supplies. and a thanks to those who took the big step to make their own boards.