Progression through Wave Snaking

So I just checked out that old video clip of Kelly Slater riding a fish out at Malibu, and it surprised me a little. Slater snakes several guys just in that short little video clip. I guess you can progress much faster if you just ride out every wave you’ve got a chance to catch? I wonder if thats the tactic most pros use?

I guess what I mean is… Do you suppose thats how they get that good, or do you suppose it’s just one of the “liberties” you can take once you are pro?




I see him leave a couple chumps in the dust at the start of the wave and then just basically runs

through the tools that try to snake him.

all is fair in love and first point.

Sounds like a good way to annoy people.

Try that one on dry land: how do you think most people feel about chumps who cut ahead of others who’ve been waiting patiently in line?

Only surfed Malibu a few times, but when I did it seem like most waves were party waves. One time when I was there I even saw Allan Sarlo get snaked. I think Malibu is Darwinism at its best.

I’d have to agree with elewis, there is no etiquette left on a typical day at Malibu. Last time I was there I was lining up deep and then getting snaked on every wave. So I put myself in the midst of the pack and would just take off and it was like the last man standing gets the wave. No matter how “on it” a guy was (totally in control, screaming down the line), there were some people that would just drop in. Total weebles dropping in on really talented surfers. I, too, saw Sarlo get snaked. I doubt the person snaking him even had a clue who Sarlo was. The thing that suprised me was Sarlo just kicked out. Didn’t say a thing. Probably just wasn’t worth it. Anarchy.


I think Malibu is Darwinism at its best.


While I do not know Allan Sarlo personally, I do occasionally cross paths with him at NSSA contests for our kids. I think age and parenthood have caused him to mellow like the rest of us.

I don’t think so if its a good day I would not want to be snaking allen he will crush you