Project Bumble Bee

hello all my name is shaun hopper, i live on the central coast of australia and i am going to let you watch me create my first board (code name ‘‘Bumble Bee’’). i plan to make a board that is basically a short longboard with a wide noes and tail. any body who would like to share thier experience with me are more than welcome to.

I started yesterday by firstly drawing my outline, i used the same method as the one out of shaping 101. I then cut out the half that i drew my template on. Unfortunetly i didnt get to take any photos of this step as my camera stuffed up on me. So for the bennifit of those who like to see photos of the steps i stop where i was and went to bed.

Today i woke up with a less cluttered head and a fixed camera.

I first used my surform to trim down to the line that i drew the night before. I thought i would have stuffed it up as alot of people have said that the first time they have used a surform the have dug in to deep, but i suprisingly went ok.

After using my surform i made a template out of thin MDF. This was verry effictive as it had alot of flex and folded to the rocker.

I put a brick down to keep the template from moving i then traced the template onto the blank with a firm line.

I then cut out the excess form with a hand saw keeping as close to the outline as possible.

Stay tuned for the next episode.

woohooo !!

…I LOVE a good photo documented boardmaking thread on a surfboard design forum .

go the southpaw !!

keep up the good work Shaun !

what are the dimensions going to be ?

cheers !


…and , for your board’s sake …lock that garage , so the phantom blank destroyer can’t strike again !

looking forward to watching this puppy take shape shaun, I’m positive I speak for most sway guys (ESPECIALLY CHIP!) when I say I love a good photo project thread!

keep them coming and take your time with it mate and it will turn out great!

and , this will be one board we will get to see photos of being surfed too …good to know !

you and josh , the new millenium’s team Hoole/McCoy at 16 years old !



Looking great! Another lefty in the world, yay!

thanks guys

Chip the dimensions are going to be 6’4’’ x 21.5 x 2 3/4 the nose will be 17’’ and the tail will be 15’’

Today i sanded the blank back and started to try and shave some foam down to try and get close to the right thickness

OK well alot of progress has been made since last time so far i have sanded do0wn the blank to the right thikness, smoothed out the sides to make an even flowing line and shaped the rails. anyway here are some pics to help explain.

i used a little power sander that i bout for $28 and also a block sander to get the board down to the desiered thikness that i wanted.

foam is alot less dence than the stringer so when you sand the blank down you will need to use a little combi plane to shave the excess down i bout this little plane from . witch is real good for shaving down the stringer on the nose concave. as a usuall plane would just bottom out ond not cut.

here is the outline of the blank it is also sanded down to the right thickness

here is a pic of me using my surform to make the outline more even and flowing (not to all dont rush this, as you dont want to slip and make a big groove in the rail)

i then maked out some guide lines at 1’‘, 2’‘, 4’’ apart these will make using a surform to shape the rails alot easier.

oh yaeh but before we start shaping the rails we need to make a ‘‘FRED’’ i used a bit of left over pine from my shaping stands 300mm long and used a plane to cut a 30degree angle

i then attached two surform blades facing opposite directions to the angle. then i cut my two 30 degree angles and combined them together to make a neat 60 degree angle

here is a pic of the angle

next i put my board in the stands ready to shape the rails

ok i forgot to take some photos of me cutting out the rails witha surform but its pretty easy to understand

i then used some 40 grit sandpapper to smooth out the rails looking good so far

and here is this weeks finnished product stay tuned for the next episode

good on ya mate !

can we have that last shot with you turning the board sideon for the rocker / foil profile shot , please ?



…if that board is 6’4 , you appear to be around 6’3 or so ! […and still growing , I bet ?]

yeah sure thing ben i’ll have it on this arvo

ok here you go ben this is a pic of the rocker

thanks mate !

black and white , too …‘Oldy’ WILL be impressed !

no need to hang your head though mate , the rocker looks okay …head up !


haha yeah i am trying to lear how to work photoshop thought i might much around with it a bit

today after alot of thinking i decided to cut 2" off the nose because it was looking to square and not flowing off enough so now i have reshaped it into more of a lonfboard looking nose. came out real great umm to give an example try looking at the beau young wombat nose it looks verry similar.

i will poat some pics soon

Sweet looking board mate!. I reckon a board like that would be a pretty fun little board, and a massive wave hog, great combinastion i reckon. What a great idea using mdf for a template, i am definately going to go buy some for my next board. Great pics too.

thanks beerfan i cant wait to ride the board i am currently upto giving the bee a spray. yeah mdf works really well. good luck with your next board

the board looks so good at the moment me and my mate are just going over some spray designs. will let you know what we choose

hi all just one question i have decided on the spray that i am going to use on my board but i am not sur ewhat sort of paint i use

do i use acrillic or water based?

any help would be great