Propane Torch

Watch that video…they use light passes with a propane torch to remove air bubbles from the lam/flow coat.


gets the resin to flow better in that area letting the air out?

Ive seen that trick done but it was on a home design show. They were using that table top resin.

That was the ''secret technique'' for doing no-rub finishes on resin tables 30 years ago.


Hi Mike Daniel -

Would that have been with epoxy or polyester resin?  

I'm still alive so it must have been epoxy.


Exactly!  I remember trying this method on a stubborn hot coat when I was a kid…$8,000 for a new garage!

Lee, before our lawyers call us off this thread, we should state in no uncertain terms that propane torches and polyester resins are NOT a good idea in the same room, much less a direct application of flame to styrene off-gassing.

This has to go into the ''kids, don't try this at home'' category. Please check with the resin  manufacturer before ANY use of torches.


Epoxy only.       Poly, you're asking for major trouble!

I"ve found that using a hair blow dryer on high setting works GREAT to clear up and level the gloss coat on my epoxy boards!