Proper Nose Rider outta this Clark blank??

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Hi Roger -

It would help if you could take a side shot of the blank.  It would also be helpful to know the length of the blank and the designer.  Main issue of 'proper' nose rider is defining 'proper.'  A frequent issue is too much nose rocker leading to unintentional helicopter maneuvers.  A flattish nose with some boosted tail rocker and tail belly seems to be factors with some of the successful noserider models I've seen. 

Whatever the code signifies, it is pretty specific and was likely ordered by someone who knew exactly what he was going to shape.  +1/8" would hardly register in my book and it is unlikely that the blank would actually arrive with that minor detail of a tweak.  Most blanks have at least that much excess that could easily be removed during the shaping process.  Once shaped, that much rocker could get pulled right out as the fiberglass tightens up during cure. 

+1/8" nose rocker on a longboard...  seriously?  Most shapers might tell you it would be hard to even measure that accurately!

I was not sure if the 99(9 -9) was maybe the length or the year of blank purchase. I need to get it out of the rafters for more pics and length. I think the ET was maybe the surfshop in Hermosa that sourced the Clark blank. What does reverse deck refer to? 


9’9"------------  I think that blank is a reverse rocker blank.  Put a straight edge and a tape measure on it and I think you’ll see what I mean.  ET Surf Shop in H.B. or Ernie Tanaka ; one or the other  Did you find that blank in the Islands or Calif.?   A plus or a minus was usually added or subtracted from an existing rocker.  I don’t have access to my old Clark Catalog. . 

Pages 2-3 and page 10 of this link details some of the foam/blank details and spec notations.  Roger's photo doesn't show the blank model (should be painted near the top on the left side of the blank) so I'm assuming that the specs shown are indeed part of the rocker code. 

The separate catalog of proprietary rocker codes was nearly as thick as a phone book and according to the catalog might include initials, numbers, etc. as a way of identifying the various rockers.

Without knowing the specific model, the natural rocker of same, and the specifics behind the codes, it is impossible to say what the rocker specs are with those tweaks.  Simply not enough information.

looks like stringer was flipped around and blank was bent to match the deck rocker but with -1 in tail and + 1/8 in the nose. probably for the purpose of flattening nose and kicking up tail for noserider style board…

Below is the remaining info. on blank

It is in fact 9-9…It was bought in LA(south bay) with the intention to make a noserider…at least 10 years ago…I am going to have someone fulfill that intention one of these days…



Yes.  And as I said the plus and/or minus is a plus or minus off an existing rocker from Clark’s catalog or perhaps off the stock rocker.  I can’t remember the stock rocker on a Cark 9’9…  I used primarily the 9’8 S for boards in the 9’6 range.  Lots of 10’1 Y’s and 9’1 Y’s for other assorted shapes.  A 10’1 Y would give me a 10’2" and a 9’1 Y  a 9’2".  I worked off of two and four inch increments.  So those blanks fit my program.   Lowel

I dunno if anyone is interested but I have a pdf of the 2005 Clark catalog on my computer.  At least, I think it was their last one.  I know for sure it’s newer than 2003 because they make repeated past tense references to changes they made in 2003.    I will say that some of these stock rockers are different than the current rockers at U.S. Blanks.  


I also have ICE-9s catalog on tap, although I don’t know why anyone would want that.  

Yes they are differant.  For instance the two Y blanks I mentioned above.  I liked the stock Clark rocker better.  But you can order those rockers if you like.

I appreciate the feeback. I had an occasion to watch a Walker plug(before stringer?) be cut in glued up in the factory. So I understand what grasshopper says above about reversing the stringer…John and Lowel…are you in agreement with grasshopper?


Yes.  It is my thinking  that it is probably reversed.  There’s more than one way to get the same thing.  Walker did more of those than Clark.   Jimmy Lewis on Maui made his Noserider model out of a reversed rocker blank that he got from Walker.  It was essentially a David N Model . That was the first time I had seen one or had the process explained to me.  I Ordered a couple machined to David’s rocker specs and they couldn’t cut that rocker into the blank.  Donald used alot of those reversed Walkers as well.  Guys like Ole, Wayno (Maui Surfboards) used to order combined shipments to Maui of Both Clarks and Walker.  The primary Walker in the shipment always being that reversed rocker blank.  Lowel

I think what you have here is the 9'9" Yater blank.  I am referencing this from my older version of the Clark catalog.  The Yater blank had no letter behind the size.  Take a tape measure and measure the wide point.  If it is 25" max or less, then that's the blank.  The W 7 note is where the wide point is up or back 7" (this is a guess ) The other Clark in this size was the 9'9" W (Wayne Rich) which came out in 2002? Or so and should have that sprayed on the nose on the first line.  The Rich blank is 25 9/16" at wide point.  The second line of blue text is the guy that poured  the blank.  Reverse rocker per notation. This is off the natural rocker of 4 1/2N, 3 5/8T.   Blank should be 3 5/8" thick.  Older style blank from the 80's with noserider specs.  Lump in the rail at mid-point according to Rennie.  You will need to get a shaper who is really schooled in noserider old school boards to do the blank justice.  Maybe Pat Ryan at ET or Tyler H! Just my 2c.....

Good stuff surfteach…I will measure width and post it …that W7 was a definite mystery to me. I will measure wide point. So if it is Yater Blank…would it have been purchased prior to 2002?

I remember the ET surfshop on PCH in Hermosa…not sure if they are still there, but maybe they have some record of purchase.

 much appreciated…aloha 


Most likly a Y.

Nope, this blank was available in 2002 for sure as that is my note in the catalog that I used as a reference.  I bought a couple with my own rockers then according to my notes on the page.  I used it for boards that required a thicker profile for boards in the 9’6 range.  Hope this helps, blank you have is not super-yellowed so is not from the late 80’s or so.  ET is still there according to a good friend who lives & surfs Manhat Pier regularly.  Just my 2c…

Surfteach is spot on regarding notations on this blank.  I found a pdf on 9'9 Y Rocker adjustments that I will try to post a link to.  I believe  "reverse deck" refers to the fact that by making enough adjustment at nose and tail one would have less rocker at the nose than the tail.  Lowel  


Rocker Adjustments, Blank Size: 9'9" (909) - Fiberglass Supply
You +1'd this publicly. Undo                Yeah, really hard to beat the old Clark rocker Catalogue.  Every shaper known and unknown had rockers in there.