proper quantity of resin

Several of you (kokua,etc)have mentioned that too much resin can lead to bubbles and overly heavy boards, but I haven’t heard much about what the right amount is. I’m going to be glassing a 9’6" longboard with 7.5 oz glass and was wondering how much you guys would use to laminate the bottom and deck and also quantities for hotcoat and gloss coat. Also, I am using a tinted resin if that makes any difference. One more thing, what is your preffered amount of time before your lam coats gel. Peace out from AK Boards.

Howzit Seth, laminating is an art that requires a sense of touch. In other words if you squeegee to hard you get a dry lam and to light a touch leaves to much resin. That’s why it takes time to get it right. Next time you lay up a board turn off the sounds and listen while you squeegee, you can hear the squeegee forcing the bubbles out of the resin. This is an indication that you’re getting it done right. Aloha, Kokua