put a sign or color change in the threads that you have comments

…I do not know where to put this question but could be good that the “system” generates a change in color, for example, to the threads that any member have at least a comment. This way we can know what threads we entered couple of weeks ago, or so. You know, These days I put some comments here and there but may be in the next days I ll not check the forum, so when I bring back again, possibly I forgot some of those threads and only follow or click the top ones.

If you click on "my account" at the top of the page right hand side, you will see a column titled "my recent activity" - all the threads you have commented in are listed, with the most recent at the top.

…that column is not exactly, because have been appeared threads that I never let any comment or even look at them…

In those Yellow colored little pages that are in the threads will be good if they turn Green or like that after you log in. Only in those that the member commented.