Quad fin set up for rounded pin kneeboard

Any input on 4 fin set up for a 5-8 rounded pin kneeboard would be most welcome. I don’t shape many of these but just finished one. Came out great, just don’t want to botch up the the last part…

i have a 5’6" quad fin pavel fish. you want me to take the measurements down off of it?

I would love to have them on hand if you would. I am planning a 5’11’’ Quad fish and don’t have any to look at here in FL.

I can get you the fin placement on a ‘california’ style round pin quad KB, but if you’ve built an Oz style quad then the fins are set quit a bit more forward and I don’t know what those measurements would be.

I would love to have them if you could take them down. Do you have them for any larger quads?

Here you go Icarus:

My board is 5’ 8"x 22" with a 16.5" round pin-tail,

Quad fins;

Back set is 5.5" up (Tail to fin trailing edge)

Front set is 11.5 " up (Tail to fin trailing edge)

Front and back sets are 1.5" in from rail (at trailing edge)

Toe-in: .25"

Cant= 4 deg.


SCGary -

Maybe you would post the fin dimensions as well? I.E. small fins in front and outside or ???

Hi John,

I run a couple of different sets of fins (F.C.S) depending on conditions. If big and lumpy I will use a larger fin set, if clean and fast, smaller set. I run a larger fin up forward in any case. Not sure of the dim’s, I’ll check, I think they’re abour 5" base, low aspect ratio on the forward fins and 4" on the rear set. Moderate rack, The forward fins are the outside fins at 1.5" off the rail

This is a typical “california” style setup to be ridden from the tail as opposed to the Aussie style of turning from a more forward position hence the forward setup of the fins.

I’m not a fin expert by any means, this is just what has worked for me.


Thank you, very much.