Quad Fish ...first time shaper with loads of questions

Hi Folks…

I’m going to shape my first board soon (Quad Fish) but still can’t make my mind up. Should i go retro, modern, make my own fins, 6ft or bigger blah blah blah BANG head explodes :slight_smile:

I’ve had a good look around the site (which is superb!) over the last 2 months and i’d appreciate some advice.

I ain’t a great surfer and currently struggle on my 6’5" thruster but find myself almost competent on my 8’7". My local break can really work but we do get a lot of smaller stuff especially during the summer (read alomost non-existent) (NE coast of the UK)

Given the above (work calls) and that i would be getting my blank etc from http://www.seabase.ltd.uk/ what do folk think?

Cheers in advance :slight_smile:

Well, people here will expect a fair bit of due diligence on your part as far as searching the archives for answers to common questions, but

if your local break is small a good deal of the time, and given your skill level, I’d make a short (6’ to 6’6"), simple, low-rocker, wide, thick fishy outline with a wide squashtail, and use Pro-Box boxes (a beginner set comes with 3 jigs and boxes and other stuff necessary to install), which look very easy to install, stable, and accept FCS fins, which are available worldwide.

Anyway, that’s what I’m doing ;), but even thicker and wider. And I need to find some US source for ProBoxes.

Also, immediately download APS3000 at APS3000.com.

I also made my own stringerless EPS blank which I made by cutting a rocker I drew with a hot wire cutter I made, cut an outline I drew, etc

I shaped my first board out of Lowes EPS. This thread may help you as it has a lot of pictures.


I’ve read that post more than once, i even have it bookmarked :slight_smile:

Thanks for both of your inputs. I have done a lot of research and it’s ended up being more confusing and getting bogged down in rocker, channels, v’s.

Was going to go for the attached PDF using this blank http://www.clarkfoam.com/pdf/62c.pdf with a 3/16" stringer.

Again thanks for your input, much appreciated.

I’m guessing you didn’t draw that fish yourself? But I’m only guessing. If you did, I would say that looks like a good wide thick fish for you, if you’re kinda big–I might have gone for a bit lower entry rocker than that, for a fish intended for smaller days

Those wings could just be reduced angles too, for easier glassing.

I would say a bump squash with the same overall planshape would be a whole lot easier for you, and be a good wave-catcher for you to get a bunch of rides under your belt.

EDIT: You could go thinner than this for sure.

Hey Wal.

welcome to the addictive world of surfboard shaping. I just shaped my first 5.9 quad fish and am now hooked.

Here’s a link to a thread which has photos of the steps.


Are you sure about using a 6.2 blank? It’s not gonna give you much room for manoeuvring. I’d keep your first board as simple as possible. Low entry rocker, flat bottom, maybe parallel twin keels if you decide to go for a fishy shape. Most of all have a great time and ask questions before you make mistakes.

A: Nope i didn’t shape that template…

B: And i am not sure about a 6’2" blank…it just seems the closest to what i want to do.

Maybe this one would be better to use http://www.clarkfoam.com/pdf/73.pdf ???

From here: http://www.seabase.ltd.uk/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=426

i’d go more retro…but that’s just me. have you read the “Journey of a Quad” thread? – it’s epic! i’m getting ready to embark on my own quad fish journey, as well.

browse around, look at people’s quad fishies, get some inspiration, and figure out which direction you want to go.

if memory serves, manny caro has some nice quad fishies in the “resources” section. take a look.