Quad Vs Bonzer

I’m about to put a new longboard together and was thinking about trying either a quad or a bonzer. Any suggestions and impressions would be most welcome.

Austin made a bonzer longboard awhile back, and Dennis Ryder just recently did a quad log — talk to those guys.

Deanbo, Why not have it all like in these pics. Quad,Twinzer Twin, Bonzer, Twin, 5 fin, Single fin, Tri fin, etc.

Very nice!

deando, Soulstice is right about Austin, I talked to Austin today and he order some Bonzer fin set-ups for ProBoxes. They will go out next week for his boards that are being shaped now. Or talk to Matt Calvanti who has the Bing Synchronizer the pics above.

deanbo, Give Peter Hosking a call at Empire foam in Aust. he has some Proboxes being shipped to him. I will include a set-up for you which Peter can send you. He will be our ProBox dist. in Aust. Mahalo,Larry

are you going to have a NZ distributer larry

im real keen on some 5 fin options

it was pretty expensive with PG5s using fcs

your system looks great

soulstice, have you finished your Quad set-up yet? Like to see some pics when its done, board design you were talking about sounds cool.

Hi Paul, I am reviewing some possiblities. If you like I will add another set-up to Peter’s order to save you some costs and consolidate everything.

Hey Larry,

     I checked out the compsand website and found this picture from the U.S. california crew one of Ben Sparks boards. 


if you prefer the feel of got a rear fin, go with a bonzer

here s couple of pict from a 9 1 performer

I did this board about 3 years ago, I cant remember

the guys reports no problem

the rear fin is a 6 1/2

reverb, nice board, really like the yellow contrast and the bottom design looks neat. Mahalo

Hi Mike, Ben does really good work.


soulstice, have you finished your Quad set-up yet? Like to see some pics when its done, board design you were talking about sounds cool.

unfortunately, i haven’t finished that quad/twinzer (quad-zer?). i thought i had a suitable blank for the board…but i don’t. EPS is more readily available…but i’ve never shaped it before…i’m a PU guy. could get some Rhyno foam with a bit of a drive up the coast. that’s probably what i’ll do…just need to find the time (and gas money). meanwhile, i have those four boxes and fins sitting on my desk, and i just play with them all day long, constantly moving around fins and inserts and whatnot. they need to find their home in a board…soon. i’ll definitely send you some pics and a ride report as soon as she’s done! STOKED!!!

…thanx man, I just found that this board is on the archives

deanbo, Here’s a 8’ double concave fun board shaped by Mike Dawson Quad with ProBoxes.

deando, Here’s a EPS Weber Fish Quad with Proboxes and a unreal glass job by Chris Kaysen in San Clemente.

soulstice, I like the name Quad-Zer!!!

Hello Larry ,

Looking forward to the new catalog. Are you making a standard center fin box like Fins Unlimited Channel? Will the new catalog include long board fins that fit the standard fin box ?

I’ll be calling you sometime soon. Backyarder just sold a board and have three more ready to shape !!! Really happy with my Hanilai Fins that Robin recomended…

Water is warm…Time to buy some new board shorts!