Question about a Thrailkill gun

I just got a gift from a friend of mine. It’s an 8’6" Thrailkill gun from the 60’s-70’s? It’s got a Primo Beer label glassed into the bottom of it, it appears to be about 4 inches thick, 21 inches wide, but tapers into a pin-tail, single fin. It’s about 95%, there are about 3 dings about the size of a silver dollar on the bottom that have been repaired. There are no pressure dings on the top of it. He told me that some of these boards are worth a fair amount of money. I, of course, would like to go surfing on it, since that’s what surfboard are for. However, I was wondering if anybody who might know about this board could tell me what it is, maybe a rough guess of what it’s worth, etc. Thanks for your time, and happy surfing to you.


call me crazy, but i’d ask bill…he’s around here somewhere

Hey Dave,

Welcome to swaylocks. Bill Thrailkill posts here and hopefully he’ll see your message to respond. You could also look in the directory here and send an e-mail to his personal address that’s listed.


Herb Bean

Thanks for the responses. I’ll e-mail him.

Oh, and I’ll be trying my hand at a hollow wooden board (Jensen style) with a buddy, and we’re pretty excited about it. Will definitely post results when it’s done.


Does the board have a Surf Systems decal on it, with my name as the shaper, or my name only? I’ve PM’d my phone number to you, call me.


Thanks for the response, and it was great talking to you on the phone tonight. I’ve just taken pix of it, and will be posting the pictures on my web site ( I’ll e-mail you privately as well.

For anybody else reading the thread, it was not a Surf Systems board, it was a Thrailkill board.

Thanks again for your time, and I really look forward to putting this board in the water at WestPort this weekend.

David Hobbs

Can you post a picture on Swaylocks…Please…

I like the in-laid decal idea.

Since beer is not my business, I’d glass one of these on my deck:

Just kidding…

There’s more pix at if the above aren’t enough. Cheers.


Excellent condition. I have a couple of 70’s and 80’s boards laying around. Not sure about value or the ride but I love the look of the early 70’s boards. Thanks for the post.