question for the fin gurus

Shaping a 6’0 egg for a beginner…10 yrs old, just starting to paddle into waves himself. I was thinking to go single fin, but now I’m thinking 2+1 for more options as he gets better… center box and FCS side bites.

(1) What should the placement of the fins be, and what size box? I’m leaning away from a 10 inch box toward something smaller, and thinking a 7 inch fin??? Cutaway???

(2) Sidebite placement? I’m thinking 11 inches up and 1.25 off the rail? Toed in 2 inches off the nose???

not a cutaway fin! give him a bonzer type for starters and then change to a narrower base—make the side bites removable so that theres options. eggism is fun NOW so he will get joy from the ride and can advance at a good clip, and yet very ‘hip’ so his buds won’t give him hassal

you idea is very similar to what my son started out on, go for it-----parent support in the water and help to not atart believing the crap in 'er and 'ing when not in the water

I think little groms should start with twins. then drop in a trailer later.

Removeable sidebites and a smaller sized trailer fin to help with getting into waves and picking up speed. When kids are just starting out they go straight and want to ride all the way up to the sand. With a longer fin they’ll stop short and grind it on the bottom. It helps them get more out of the ride. The 2+1 setup will definitely help him progress faster and learn the joy of different fin setups. You’ve got to teach them when they’re little!

Ive said it before

I’ll say it again

dont put a fin on prematurely

let the little nipper surf it till he can ride it well enough to make it go


when he can direct it fairly well with out it ,then fin it.

theory has to do with board control and rail turning

somewhat missing in contemporary dynamix

case in point - all the body riders ,paipo and boogie spawn alike

did very very well without fins

does dad wanna repair fins?

put on on as testimony that you wish to repair fins

do you wanna police the ‘dont stand on your board on the ground you will break the fin’ rule? put on the fin as a testimony that you do

do you want to have your 10 year old out surfing in a pack of hungry greedy

sharing benevolent suportive self agrandizing expert kuks?

without a fin the unridden soup reforms backwash sand slide up the beach down the berm waves are the empty gleefull playground of the creative adaptive mind that hopefully we can tap in every 10 year old, and nurture

experimental kid miguel

I made him a board and followed this plan

the week before last report was miguel navigating a 12’ paddle board , a bark surftech? for a hundred yards through reforms and shooting the jetties…

duh is this skills that come from … contemporary cirriculum?

I’m thinking we should enter the lad in the stand up paddle race on the bark to kic some old guy on a 30’’ wide board butt…

ah but I do have my perspective

put as many fin as you wish

they are all drag producing

design flaws.

unless they are retractable.


do they call it a skeg because it is an addictive substance?

or is that skag?

make em removeable and dont install 'em

till later…

we are constantly teaching the littles

they watchh very closely.

hey ambrose, would that work for a 23 year old “grom” ? I mean in learning to surf better? Interesting take on that . . .

I learned to surf finless. Getting down the line at all was a real challenge, adding fins was a world of difference.

But the surfboard doubled as a skimboard, and that was hot!