Quick ?- Dimensions for bigger guy.....

I have to oppurtunity to pick up an old al merrik for 40 bucks!

its 6’5’‘/19’‘/2 1/14’’ thick. Is this going to float a 6’4, 200 lb guy? or am i wasting my time

No, and YES!

I’m about the same size as you, 6"2 200lb, I surf as many time a week as I can, and am good shape . I live in san Diego and mainly surf the reefs & points. I wouldn’t surf that board if it was free. Way too small to compete.

It all depends on where you are in your surfing life. Young/old, new/seasoned, fit/not fit, conditions.

I surfed 6ft boards my entire 20’s to early 30’s…by god I was going to surf like Curren if it killed me, if could just have the same gear. Well being 6’2" 225lb at that time surfing a 6’2" T&C squash tail wasn’t the answer. I was nicknamed Plowboy, my surfing with that board didn’t start to happen until it was way overhead, anything less than that i would just plow on the wave.

Technology / design is better now but I learned a big lesson. Get a board that fits the body, not a board that fits the current trend. Do yourself a favor and get used to a bigger board. Not only will you have more fun, but you’ll be ready for those bigger days when the guys on the 6’2" and fishes are just paddling there a$$es of and not catching any waves.

If I was going to Indo then it’s a different story, In Indo I’d surf a short board, maybe something like a 7’2" or 7’4"


Well said


Get a real board

and put the Merrick to bed


If you’re still here would you elaborate on your answer, please? Mike


Jay, aka Resinhead, has provided the correct and appropriate answer to your question. He is right on all points.

$40?!! Buy it, clean it up a bit, and flip it, to a “bro” for $125.

Then use this cash to make a deposit on the right board as

mentioned above. Think outside the box.


Buy it, then eat lots of Ex-Lax, have one meal a day consisting of a bagel

and 1 liter of diet soda. When/if you hit 180 lbs you will have a shot at getting

good waves (as long as no one else is out (which is very common in Southern


The board is an opportunity, don’t let it get in the hands of someone 25 lbs lighter

than you! Do us all a service…

Buy it flip it and get your a wider board with a wider tail. 12.5 x 21 x 15 3/4 x 3 about 6’6’’

Buy it. Give it to a needy kid. Then make yourself a board that suits your size and where you surf. Aloha!


I’m 6’1", 200 lbs, and currently surf a 6’1"x 19 1/2x 2 5/8 in surf that is absolute pus, and it goes good. Just depends on how much work you want to put into riding a wave. I’m still young and excitable, so it’s OK, but my mate Mick is the same weight, a little shorter, 18 years older and he reckons my 6’8" is too small. Give it a go and let us know…

Solosurfer’s just described one of my boards (except mines got a narrower tail - 14 3/4)… I pretty much exactly weigh 225 and it goes just great…my wave count is good…

Don’t go too small just… I could probably ride a few waves on the merrick you describe, but my wave count would be useless