Quick laminate/logo/whatever question Answer Please

So the gf made a little drawing for me to scan and glass onto this board im doing, I wondering what alternatives to rice paper? Not going for a pro design here, just wanting to put this picture under the glass somehow. Would tissue paper work? Or hell, even computer paper or dictionary paper (from the back)? Why is rice paper the only thing?

Someone posted a while back that the toilet-seat covers found in public/office restrooms work as well…

Hah wow, thanks for answering so fast… thats kinda crazy I just posted like five minutes ago. I’m just eager to find out cause I’m getting ready to glass in about two hours. I guess tissue paper would work? That’s like the same stuff it seems.

I think tissue paper would be too thin and your ink would run. I haven’t personally tried the toilet-seat paper either, but it was posted here some time back. Also you can buy something similar to rice paper at art / hobby stores like Michael’s.

Oh and you said ‘answer please’ so I figured I would.

Howzit ModestMouse, If the board is clear then you can use tracing paper, Bill Hamilton used it a few times and it worked, but not on colored boards.Aloha,Kokua

just last night i went to michaels craft store and bought a 15 inch by 50 foot long roll of the stuff for 10 bucks. which is a lot cheaper then buying it on foamez

What ink do you recommend for the printing the graphic on the laminate?

Would computer printer ink be OK, or would it run when the board is glassed?

If drawing the graphic by hand, what type of pens would be best?

No pro here, but I’ve used both the rice paper from an art store and tracing paper, both with regular printer ink. What I found was if the graphic slips while glassing there will be a slight ghost image- it’s happened both times but the ink doesn’t really “run”.

I laminated the cover of life magazine on the deck of my 1st 7’6 gun for hanalei the photo was of Fredrick Douglas…I laminated a few highway tanned toad hides into some fin blanks a few wks back,… ambrose… just a side note

I ended up using rolling papers (for cigarettes of course). It was a pretty small graphic and the paper worked perfectly. Thanks for the replies, honored to have ambrose respond to my thread