quick question for beginner board

I’m selling off a 7’6" 21.5 w 2 3/4 thick funboard and someone called asking if it would be a good board for their 12 year old 80 lb daughter to learn on. This sounds like it should be fine to me, but I’d like a second opinion before I tell them ‘yes’. My concern lies in the fact that the nose is pointy and gets rather thin, rather than a fat longboard-like nose. As much as I’d like to sell the board, I don’t want to take advantage of a newbie and give them a bad learning experience. If it’s not a good match for these people, I’m sure I can find someone else to buy it. so 7’6" x 21.5 w x 2 3/4 thick for an 80 lb beginner, yay or nay?