R R on Maui? (EPS fish project - board #002)

Hey guys,

I’m from Vancouver Island, BC, and my local fiberglass/surf supply shop has shut its doors. I’ve got an EPS fish shaped and ready for glass, and I was hoping to use RR for my first try at epoxy. RR is available close by in Washington, but I was hoping to avoid the border/customs fees by picking some up when I’m on Maui (leaving this week).

Any distributors on Maui? From what I’ve read in the archives, Fiberglass Hawaii’s epoxy is second best. I’m planning on an opaque pigment, so clear-drying resin isn’t important, but ease of working/sanding is. System Three’s SB 112 is available locally.

Here’s the board:

Notice the glue line around the nose. I made it from a 3" Home Depot sheet (doubled up at the nose), PVC stringer. I imported a picture of Merrick’s new “slim fish” into APS3000 and went from there.

The board is 6’, wide point is around 20.5". I’m just concerned that the tail is too wide at 12 7/8" tip-to-tip (6 1/4" deep). Seems to me the wide tail would be better suited for a flat-bottomed, 50/50 railed, down the line flyer… whereas I’ve tried to supe it up with modern rails and a shallow single-to-double concave.

The outline looks like nice in person, I’m happy with the rails and the “flowiness” of the outline.

Any thoughts?



By the way, if anyone wants to check out this project’s progress from the start (lots of pics/decription), click here: http://bcsurfing.dyndns.org/viewtopic.php?t=79

I dont know about maui but on kauai topper has Resin Research


airplane carrying might well be looked into as the checking your baggage guys are pretty thourough as far as mysterious items …

ground transportation is generally less of an inspection nightmare potential

…? R.R. is proving to be quite fun stuff

I think you would be well served

to also get some hands on instruction

the time I spent with topper learning to handle rr has made me considerably more confident.

you might even think about bringing your blank and finding a place to laminate it over on maui to avoid the haz mat transportation concern…

all about your time frame on maui…

perhaps a side trip to kauai and an observation of the process over here

at one of the glassers that uses r.r.

phone the manufacturer and ask them who has on maui…

that would be the best most direct way to ferret out the maui connection

I’ll ask topper if’n I remember today when I talk to him


Thanks Ambrose.

I’m so cheap that I don’t want to pay the airlines more than one-way board fees. I had planned to buy a board there and fly it home. Probably a Tuflite for travel. Going for two weeks, which pushes rental price up around $200 - might as well buy (never thought I’d buy a board again!).

Yeah, come to think of it, those big bottles probably don’t look so innocent to baggage check people. I’ll try to contact RR and ask them what they think about air travel, and if they have a Maui distributor.

Be careful and be sure. You cant ship certain resins by air, because in an unpressurised hold they catch fire and/or explode.

Its a restriction on certain flights, so check.

In IMO terms I think its class 4.2 or 4.3, maybe even class 3.0

Thats why you cant buy Seabase in Ireland by airmail - got to be surface.

If your not in too much of a rush to finish it I’ll be making a trip to Bingen Wa in feb for more supplies, I could hook you up.

Thanks for the offer.

I was hoping to glass it in early January, so I may bite the bullet and pay the customs fees. By Feb I may want some more stuff though, so I’ll let you know.

Are you on the BC surf forum?

do you have the template for that fish (aps)

(i want to do a fish but i’m having a hard time making a template on aps

thanks logan

Here you go.

You can also try Fiberglass Hawaii 2 to 1 epoxy and you should find it on Maui. It’s less expensive that RR. I am not sure if you got your heart set on RR. They are both excellent products.



now time to change rocker and such

No worries, I check out that coastalBC forum every once and a while, but don’t actively post there.