Raffle Shipping

Congratulations to Swaylocks for raising some well deserved funds for our fearless leader Mike P (imaginary friend). I for one think it would be appropriate to pay your own shipping on raffle prizes. Really, there is no good reason to take funds away from the cause of helping keeping the wheels greased. There were many other events that weekend and I’m bummed I couldn’t have help keep the raccoons entertained, empty the keg, meet Herb, check out all of the soul boards along with the KP / Matt M duo w/ the deepest underground quiver imaginable. As to the others who are part of the tribe, the list now seems endless. It really looks good on you guys to have stoked the fire and come together from all different directions with your loved ones in tow. Lee, I’ll call you for the shipping charges. It was great meeting you on your way through town and seeing your unique version of the edge board. We’ll defiantly get together this fall for some wave riding, in some of the many forms that I have been exposed to here. Thanks to everyone involved in this endeavor. Peace, --easternpacific