Rail Tool

Had some time since it is about 85% humidity here and pouring down so I thought I would make a rail tool. What do you think? The screw on the end allows you to quickly change the razor blade. We do a lot of Volan 3" laps so I made it to do exactly that!

That looks good. Is it aluminum? I’ve made aluminum tools for a couple of tasks and found they leave black marks on the foam. So if it is, tape the edge that makes contact.

Stainless & Aluminum. Yeah I was afraid of the aluminum making streaks on the sides of the rails too but I thought I could just cover it with masking tape! Aluminum is much easier to work with than Stainless.

looks like ROBOTOOL! maybe try using sticky foam tape, or a nice bicycle handlebar cork tape wrap – that might avoid a dent or two in a rail, as compared to just masking tape to prevent the black marks…

Hey Keith, the tool would only be used to cut laps, not to mark the blanks, I have another tool for that! With glass already on the rails I am not worried about denting them. I made it from metal because our other wood lap cutter you couldn’t throw in acetone to get the resin off. This tool I was hoping I could toss in the acetone to clean up when I finished!