Re: Lt Col Kilgore's single fin...

It was an 8’6" Yater spoon… and he was a goofy foot.

I believe one of the original prop boards from the movie is in the Santa Barbara Surf Museum(behind the Beach House on State St. down by Sterns Wharf). It is interesting to note that the prop was neither a Yater or a spoon- if I remember correctly- it wasn’t 8’6". Ahh Hollywood. There was a little something about the board in the Journal 5 or 6 years ago.If you’re in the neighborhood don’t forget La Super Rica(hee hee hee)

rumor has it that Yater is getting ready to unleash a run of Kilgore boards, complete with Duval’s(kilgore) signature on each one.Start saving your


Matt is right ,Yater is doing a Limited edition Lt Col. Kilgore Model just like the 8’6’'in the movie .

there must be more than one 'cause i’ve seen it hanging in the niebaum-coppola winery in napa…in coppola’s special movie area, both yaters used in the movie and a host of other props are in the apocalypse now section…

The one they copied was the one used in the movie. Jim Mohoney owns it its in his Museum right behind the Beachouse in Santa Barbara.There was more than one tho.

Ya see the real board was in the Screen Actors Guild Union and got big bucks for being filmed.They used the copy because it was non union and worked for peanuts.

on a historical note: surfers who ended up in the 'nam would deal with the air force weineis , booze or the other stuff :wink: for them to bring boards up from sydney in the bellys of b-57 canberras to ride at the r/r beaches near daNang…surf wasn’t bad during the right season, but you had to watch where you walked when away from the swept beaches…just a note from the past

…I prefer the 173rd crest vs the 1st. Air Cav.'s.Herb

Anyone got a pic or a link, I went to Yater’s site and there isn’t any info.

Hey Riley just talked to Yater last week the shape is done but they are working the problems out with the art work and glassing . Maybe done by summer? Call Kim Robinson at 805 899 3537 he runs Rennys wholesale Biz.