RE-pAINTing longboard... help me or suggest

hi again aeveryone. what do you think about re-painting exterior used longboard? with wha kind of solvent i have to put off definitively the wax from the deck? spray painting and than glossing the surfaces is it right?

let me know how do you do in a case like this…


I don’t put solvents on boards,but some use acetone. I would put the board in the sun, wipe off the wax with cardboard scraper, wipe in down, then sand the area you want to paint until its clean. I would sand it anyway before painting. You can paint directly on the sanded board with acrylic spray paints, acrylic pens, acrylic through an air brush, or through a paint gun. Seal the art with clear acrylic.Mike

It will end up looking like a popout surftech.

BUT…if you must,

strip wax

Rub down with mineral spririts to remove wax traces and dirt, etc

Sand enough to scuff tthe existing gloss coat 150 should be fine,

Test the paint you plan on usign by spraying a small location and then glossing over it to test compativbility.

Paint board then gloss!

Instant surftech!


what could best i use for glossing after re-painting the board?

I want to repaint the rails above all and then give a trasparent spray effect on deck and bottom

let me know your impressions

I renovated a 70’s pintail for a guy. I scuffed it up after removing the wax, using 120grit then 180. rubbed it down with 240 then sprayed it with acrilic paint , then glossed over it with a hot coat. Sanding was a bloody nightmare. If you take your time it will come out good.the only other advice I can give is good luck.