Got my hands on two very cheap brand new 9" longboards. Unridden they look great and the shape and the thruster fin set up is what i was after, problem is in the thickness and rails. The rails are around the 3’ in the middle and there is very little taper towards the tail or nose.

Rode one of the boards yesterday and it went ok, but way to much volume in the board. Given its thickness it was great on the nose but didnt need that much volume.

Given the boards werent that expensive I am thinking of de-glassing the deck and reshapping better rails and taking some of the volume out of it. Bassically thinning it out. What thoughts or advice do people have on this type of project.

Howzit bee, Sell one and buy the materials for a new one, less hassle. Or sell them all and buy a new one that you like.Aloha,Kokua

I agree. Once it’s done it’s pretty much done unless you really know what you are doing. And even if you do, why bother with all the extra effort over making a new one?

I also agree I tried to reshape a board and it was such a headache:(

i am hearing you guys.

My idea was just to take to it with a sander or Knife and knock the deck glass off and trim the thickness of the board and then re-roll the rails (sand deck and rails down a bit, following i will bevel sand the bottom of the rail and slightly onto the bottom of the board. Re-laminating wont really be a hardache, my concern was just making sure the join is long enough and strong enough, considering i will lay and overlap all in the one pice i though it should be sweet and strength should be ok/

A bit of a hassle i know but trying to make light and good of a thoughtless situation i got myself into (i love the hassle side of it, resining and grinding). On the whole the boards arent bad and i rode one yesterday, and i am thinking i will keep one as is for logging and cruising and just tamper with the one.

The two boards cost 1050 USD so would prefer to hold onto them as sold i would not make that back. i have all the fix material.

go for it Bee

you’ll learn a lot ,

One way or the other!

I would take it off the bottom and leave the deck intact

you will hit soft foam on the deck side


youll have the finboxs to deal with


Ever broken your leg / arm and had the cast taken off with a plaster saw?

Thats what i need to flip the lid of this thing…I will take it off about 1/4 way down the rail and skim about an inch off all the rails and deck. Where would people wrap the glass to?

Like everyone on here, i am in the midst of 4 other restores at the moment.

This website is great for us poor totured soles…

What would Ben Shipman do?

After you check out the link check out the web site

Ben’s no longer with us but he would like you to add your location to your user profile.

I can buy a longboard blank for less than $130.00 US. Not sure why you want to cut up a new board.

Can’t wait to see the photos!


one more vote for not messing with those two boards. And I’ve reshaped a goodly few in my time.

If you got the boards for peanuts, or they are in poor condition, I wouldn’t hesitate to hack at 'em… no loss. But for boards in good condition, flip 'em for a mutually agreeable and reasonable price to someone who wants them.

Do what Honolulu said, above. Good advice.

Hearing you guys,

have been riding one for the past few days and they go excellent, and i have had a total back flip on them, still dont like the thickness though. Problem is cheap glass job and the deck is sinking on the stringer all ready - so might be up for a better glass job now anyway…

Might hae to do it sooner than later to stop the whole deck inking - might reshape at the same time?