Really (REALLY) low-rockered fish?

Got my wires crossed on one of my compsands, wound up with a REALLY low rockered board. Was shooting for that low classic fish rocker, and wound up with a board-flat (1.5 and .75) rocker.

Anyone ever ridden something this flat?


It’ll work exceptional well in high tide, softer waves(San-o Old man’s, Doheney)…just don’t stick it in a sucked-out type wave.It will also paddle better and pick-up waves a bit easier.Herb

Rockwell planer and no shaping lights, 1982. They don’t get much flatter than this one. 5’-5" twin fin. About 2" thick at most. Despite it’s shear ugliness (shape and airbrush), the thing flew! Just have to remember to keep the nose out of the water…

Cool, thats great to know! I figure it should fly, and on a soft onshore day at our Packery jetties it should be fun. I was mainly worried that the pearling tendencies might kill it.

Well, maybe I suck, because this one I made [5’5 x 19 1/4 ], just nose dived and bogged rails all the time.

[it also has a concave deck] It’s now at hicksy’s , carnaged by his three daughters…]

cheers !



5’5 x 19 1/4

Wasn’t that a movie???

My little rockerless mess was a full 2" wider than that one of yours chipper. Maybe added planing area made the difference? Don’t get me wrong, mine was/is still a piece of sh*t. :stuck_out_tongue:

Shwuz -

My third board is a trad-fish planshape with cunard quad fin set up, eps/epoxy double 6 top and bottom, 6 even. 16 something x 20 something x 16 something. From memory rocker numbers were something like 1.5 and .75

I ride it in South Carolina dribble, mostly head high or less. Fastest board i’ve ridden, excels on steep faces racing down the line, cut backs are good when there’s enough room. Late drops are tough - more like a pivot to get down the line. It struggles with critical maneuvers in the pocket. Works good on the mush burgers too

All in all a fun board. Good luck with yours…


When I first read this post, I was reminded of the movie Stylemasters. There’s some insane footage of Dane, Buttons, and Mark Liddel ripping on rockerless singlefins in the barrel at Backdoor/Off the Wall and V-land. Rocker is nice, but maybe not entirely necessary…