reconstituted veneer?

In trying to find a supplier of good veneers for a new board.

sydney bunch BRIGGS have sent out a sample book of their ‘truegrain’ reconstituted veneers. all made from poplar wood, glued, dyed then recut. They also have two types made from bamboo, tho more expensive. The samples show a really straight even grain, good longitudinal strength but really splitty sideways. But they dont bubble or warp like a lot of the natural veneers, stay really flat, and some great looking patterns. can also get them in 600w sheets.

Anybody used either these ones in particular or other types or reconstituted veneers??

anybody from NSW recomend a good veneer factory, and balsa supply in larger lengths than a hobby shop?

regards, morgen

Hi Morgen.

This looks like a good place to get balsa. I haven’t tried there myself as i’m not ready to put any veneers on a surfboard yet but when I do this will be the first place I’ll try.

They are in the Sutherland Shire of Sydney so if you have to drive up at least you won’t have to handle too much of the sydney traffic.

regards, JD

thanks JD, for the good link,

he sure does some nice boards and seems to do the balsa 100%. i look forward to having a chat with him and getting a better look at his boards. Hopefully his prices are good…

I remember a surf trip to PNG some time ago, and at the camp was the quiet legend paul witzig (with brother ??name started tracks, made surf flicks and shapes) who had organised some 4"x4"logs of balsa, easier to find there than foam, and was teaching some of the local surf kids to make balsa core boards, so they arent so reliant on the leftovers from ozzie and kiwi surfers…

anyway seeing balsa logs that size just seem like an invitation to shape, as opposed to that hoorid starting point of attacking foam and that nasty white dust clinging to everything you own for the next few weeks.

If only it was even lighter.

that reconstituted veneer is made from poplar, but all the dying and recutting to get a pretty look make its pretty expensive at the end of the day , and cant be as good structuraly.