RED X Fin Install Kit????

I was wondering if Tom and Red X every came across with a Install kit? I’ve been out of the loop for awhile, very busy with college and planning the move to Oahu. God is it a pain to ship your house hold and car. Any help on the Red X question would be great. Glad to see every still sharing tons of great info with everyone. Later, Stephen Berube

Howzit Steve, If you have any pets that you’re bringing to Hawaii,they don’t have to go through quaratine if you get their shots and paper work in order. They changed the laws on bringing pets to Hawaii a while back. Aloha, Kokua

Thanks, I don’t have any pets. Was also wondering, do i have to go through customs or anything linke that? Was wondering if i should list all my house hold goods or just pack it all up. Man, i can’t wait till i’m done with school. This is going to be a dream come true for me. It’s not like i’m a kid coming to the Oahu. Was in the army for awhile then got ran over by a tank, and when back to school. I love surfing and all the water sports. Man, i can’t wait to go snorkling for lobster and some spair fishing. Do i have to worry about the local’s? I know i’ve hear different stories, but would like to know if i should steer clean of a area? I’m a nice person with respect for everyone, but i know i will be new to the area and would love any info. Thanks and take care, Stephen Berube

Stephen, Red X has had an install kit since the very beginning. But, it is geared for production installation. I don’t think any fin system could get started with out one. Now if you mean a less expensive, simple backyard version, Herb has posted instructions and templates for the tool he originally developed. But, once he got one of our vaccume jigs, I believe he decided it was a better way to go.

How much is the kit for the vaccume kit and who do i go through to get one? I made a jig like herbs, just want something better. Oh, how much PSI do i need to run the jig to? Thanks, Stephen Berube

Call Larry Block Enterprises at 805-583-0057. As I recall you’ll need 80 psi. The last price I have for the vaccume jig is $165.00.

Thanks, sounds reasonible. Do i need a pump or how does it work? Thanks, Stephen

The jig itself is $65.00. The vaccume pump is $100.00. The vaccume pump runs off your aircompressor with 80 psi. Larry recommends a Makita #3612($220.00) plunge router (with a 1/2" X 4.5" Router bit) because of the plunge and the brake. But, the critical part is the 7" base plate that the jig keys off.

Thanks for all your help. Been out of it for awhile and it’s so nice to start shaping again. Got a Art major at school finishing up my logo and got to send it off to get copy righted, plus getting everything lined up to move to Oahu sometime next year. Been very busy with alot, but everything is getting back to normal. I’m very glad to see everyone still share the knowledge. Thanks again, Stephen

I’m glad things are progressing along for you. I was just over there last month. I got to design and coordinate the build of my first watercraft. It was for a Cebral Palsey event called the Plywood Cup. I think I wrote about it in here a week or so ago. Hard to keep track. Anyway good luck and keep up the stoke!

Howzit Stephen, Any idea where you’ll be living on Oahu? Now you’ll be able to check out the outer isles surf. If you get to Kauai send me an e-mail and we can hook up. Aloha, Kokua

Don’t know yet, still got one year left in school, and i’m waiting to see who i’m going to work for. I’m a computer Science Major with Networking background, but it looks like i’ll be working for the government. Might be over at your island, might be working with those big telscopes, they had some opening for network personal, who knows. But, i’ll post when the big moves happens. I’m going to be happy like a kid at christmas morning. I got one, question for you. How are the locals? I’ve heard all types of stories, is there spots i should steer clear of? Thanks for your time, talk to you later. Thamks again, Stephen