rehabing friends board

My friends board flew off a car about a year and a half ago. We’ve, finally, decided to rehab it. The whole bottom and most of the rails need to be fixed, but it was his first board and wants to make it new again/ take it out again. I said we needed to strip all of the glass off and re glass the whole thing, he believes we can just do the bottom and rails. By the way we have no idea what we’re doing, and if we accomplish this we will be shaping our own boards. thanks for any help,

Got any pics… that may help a bit.

I wouldn’t strip all the glass off. It won’t be the same board when you’re done. I’m sure people here may have some pointers but may not be able to tell you the best course of action w/out seeing the board…

Like ZoSurf said, some pics would help a whole lot. Stripping off the glass ( all over, bottom and rails or anywhere at all ) is a horror show, and you really, really don’t want to do it unless you have absolutely zero other choices. Likewise cutting chunks out of it, any major surgery. Bad idea. Don’t do it.

I have run across quite a few boards which would have been easy fixes where somebody with good intentions and zero knowledge decided to rip off lots of glass, attack the board with a saw or something similar…and then discover they had no idea how to fix it. Then they brought 'em to me, with embarassed looks. Which was proper, as they had screwed up, big-time. What could have been a simple, straightforward repair that’d look good turned into a nightmare that would look lousy no matter what, cost serious money and not be any too good a board when it was finished.

Remember that as you said: By the way we have no idea what we’re doing , so take some pictures, put 'em up and then we can get down to business.