Removable fin system for bonzer 5?

Is it possible? All i have seen so far are glass on side fins. Is this because of the channeled bottom. I really want to get one and use it as a costa rica board but im not sure I can travel with glass ons. Thanks guy–kevin

For a Bonzer 5 or any channeled bottom, i would go with Red-X, and they make bonzer fins.


The boxes arent too big?

Don’t forget about lokbox too! JJR is great to work with (I think he posts here as lokbox, go figure) and they stock the side runners already made as well.

Coque, that Campbell bonzer has a great outline. Is that yours?

well it looks as if the malcom uses red x for some of thier shapes. I think they fit

Your options are Red-X and Lokbox.

Mecca, i think those boxes are the smallest of the market, and maybe the lightest.

Balsa, that board isn’t mine, i think it belongs to Tom, the man producing Red-X fins and now some fin models for Lokbox too.


hi "Mecca Bandit’ [?! ]

…here’s “THE” thread , that got me started down the “mould your own bases” road , for adapting [your OWN templates ] bonzer runners to f.c.s. or fins unlimited *……n%20bases%20;#204266

…MANY MANY thanks to ‘plusoneshaper’ for the three original threads on this topic !


I imagine you could use the same process to make your OWN runners , to fit “futures” , “proboxes” , red-x , lokbox, …whatever other systems are out there , basically ?!

okay , I hope this helps !

cheers ,


boxed runners…

Thanks for all of the help. I think im just going to go with the redx fin system they have. I cant wait to take it out at witches or playa negra. Did any one hear about the massive swell that hit central america yesterday? I heard it destroyed some homes–kevin