Repairing Broken Nose

  Howzit surf_surf, When doing repairs I find not trying to match colors work better and you can let your imagination run wild. I think one of the best ones I did was a stress fracture that I painted a big band aide over the Q-sil before glassing it, even put the little air holes on it pad part. The owner loved it and would show it to everybody. Aloha,Kokua

The chances are big that your resin is not UV-stable. Thanit really is a must to paint over it.

Like Kokua sais you dont have to match the colors, just make something nice of it. Matching colors is very difficult and you need to buy different paints (not very economical for one repair).


Don’t know wich epoxy is best, many people here use RR, I use the one my local supplier sells me. Mine is not UV stable so that gives me two options. Or I use pigment or I paint over it.

For repairs I paint over it. But when I glass a board I use pigment. I did one board without pigment or paint. The yellowing is really ugly, it doesn’t yellow evenly (don’t know why)