repairng carbon fins?!

I have a set of Futures Vectors, and I (stupidly) proned in a little to far at low tide, putting a pretty nasty crack in one! Anybody know if I need to do anything special fixing it since it’s carbon? The fibers are exposed for about 3/4" on the leading edge…

Graphite powder, then hit it with super glue.

Thanks for the quick reply - I’ve got a rainy day on my hands, and time to fix this sucker!! - Is this a “quick fix”, or is it more or less permanent? Is polyester resin compatible with the carbon?

It is both a quick, and permenant, repair. Poly resin should be fine with carbon. Others may have direct experience with it, I don’t. Though I have seen carbon strips in poly surfboard layups.

Thanks again, I’m off to the hardware store for a fresh tube of super-glue.

Stay dry!